Hilux brake rotors

budgel, Sep 29, 12:07pm
A family member has a fairly new Hilux that's still under warranty, and has made a claim for excessive rotor wear. He doesnt have a trailer, so not much towing, and he doesnt drive with his foot resting on the brake pedal. He says the reality is that he baby's the ute, the appearance of which tends to confirm this.
Has anybody out there come across excessive disc wear on late model Hilux utes?

saki, Sep 29, 12:36pm
Fairly new with a million Ks.

gph1961, Sep 29, 12:52pm
boo hoo

bjmh, Sep 29, 1:46pm
We see it all the time,any make of ute. especially auto.Modern drivers don't have a clue about engine braking,just stand on the pics.Brake rotors can be ruined in one trip. so i doubt you will get warranty.

tweake, Sep 29, 6:07pm
what sort of km's ?

if hes used to the old hilux 200,000 km brake pad change and 400,000 km brake rotor change, then he may be in for a shock.
a lot of later model utes chew brake rotors. its simply down to the pad materials they use these days. really good braking but at the expensive of rotor wear. rotors are now considered a wear item.

some makes/models are really horrible for it.
so far best fix i've seen is change to aftermarket pads.

budgel, Sep 29, 6:40pm
Under 50,00km. i think you may be right about the pads. I can understand a performance/sports vehicle wearing out pads & discs, but this is a ute fer chrissake!

skull, Sep 29, 7:10pm
I was bitter and twisted when the X3 required rear rotors at 100K which is before the fronts. The service manager said it's the cruise control that's managing the speed with the rear brakes. Fronts are getting close he reckons but I'm not going to think about them until the next service is due at least. Less cruise control and more engine braking going on around here now.

stevo2, Sep 29, 8:29pm
Boss did his at about 60,000km, Late model Hilux

mrfxit, Sep 30, 7:43am
As above.
Many different reasons for excess wear.
A common problem is ppl being "on accelerator/ on braking"
There is no coasting up to traffic lights with your foot OFF the accelerator.
Another problem is a lot of auto's don't provide any engine braking above about 30kph.
As mentioned above, some cruise control systems use the brakes to help stabilize set speeds & stability / collision avoidance systems are a likely suspect as well.

m16d, Sep 30, 10:21am
I'd bet 10 bob to a knob of goat turd he's a left foot braker. even though you say he's not.

3tomany, Sep 30, 12:07pm
Some late model toyota's use breaks to steer the vehicle as a lane keep assist because they are to cheap to have self steering like the best do. This may be a cause not yet mentioned.

budgel, Sep 30, 1:37pm
A goat turd is on its way. how do I get my 10 bob?

frank1, Nov 12, 1:15pm
#11--breaks? --what are they--ahh coffee breaks I guess

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