Light truck, with ABS?

skiff1, Feb 10, 5:57pm
I’m chewing an idea in my head for a project. What I’m wondering is, do any of the light trucks such as Toyota Dyna, Mitsubishi Canter etc, have ABS?
Ideally I’d like a 4wd chassis with dual rear wheels and ABS. Ideas?

kazbanz, Feb 10, 6:00pm
Mostof the later model stuff does have abs

intrade, Feb 10, 6:02pm
late stuff yes also almost all 6 month C.o.F

skiff1, Feb 11, 1:10am
cheers, but maybe I was not clear enough. What I’m thinking is a donor chassis, as opposed to a truck per se

tweake, Feb 11, 5:23pm
what are you looking at making?

skiff1, Feb 11, 10:30pm
What I’m sort of considering is putting a small Detroit (453t or similar) on a modern chassis and then dropping a 50-60s era British truck cab on. Commer Superpoise or j series Beford both appeal. I love the look of old stuff, but I like actual suspension and brakes that work.
This is all pretty hypothetical but I’ve been spending more time in my workshop lately and I love utes. I saw a really cool Chevy on Deboss Garage along these lines, and thought that a British version would be more me.

intrade, Feb 12, 10:03am
ok word of warning ! do your research before you do things laws are ultra tight now and certification may not be issued.
I spoke to a mate who said he wanted a extra seat on his home build camper and the compliance cost was Eye watering.
The chassi is the vin and for that emission and frontal impact rules apply . Thats what i think you need to research.
My mb140 i just got has all 7 seats low volume certed . So well worth for me to fix it and there is a lot to do as i sort of anticipated times 2 already.

intrade, Feb 12, 10:09am
I would like to know what and how and why you want to do what you want to do as it is not clear to me at all.

bigfatmat1, Feb 12, 12:46pm
Trouble is abs isn't really a stand alone system. Unless you adapt a configurable wabco system. Imo what you want to achieve would be a headache from a sparkies perspective. And headaches = lots of $$$

mrcat1, Feb 12, 2:07pm
Well if you want to put a Jimmy in it and put a Commer cab on it, you may as well just put a TS3 Commer engine in the thing, the are both an economic way to turn good diesel fuel into noise.

tweake, Feb 12, 7:21pm
have you seen tomsoffroad dodge project they finished recently?

for things like abs you really need the whole factory setup.
so basically a donor truck you can take the cab off and fit something else. i would think the hard bit would be getting donor vehicles thats about the right size to fit your cab.

have a look to see if there is aftermarket abs. there is aftermarket abs for trailers, i've never looked for it for trucks.

skiff1, Feb 13, 7:48am
im just at the kicking rocks stage, and will do plenty of research before I pick up a wrench.

skiff1, Feb 13, 7:51am
What- basically as described above.
How- I don’t know yet, that’s why I’m asking questions.
Why- because? I like making things, I think old trucks look cool, I like difficult things.

skiff1, Feb 13, 7:54am
im comfortable that it will be difficult, my thinking is if I start out with a chassis already set up with the sensors and wiring for abs, then if and when we pull the trigger on ABS, we don’t have to re-do a ton of work.

skiff1, Sep 14, 4:06pm
definite preference for a Jimmy. Don’t know anything about TS3, but basic searches tell me that Commer bits are pretty hard to come by.

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