Truck inverter issues when vehicle is in motion

showmethemanoey, Mar 18, 4:43am
I have a 24 volt inverter hooked up to the lighter socket in the cab which runs a small boombox it works fine with the truck idling but once the vehicle starts moving the bluetooth connection seems to cut out every so often, could it be interference from the engine?, the inverter claims its pure sine wave could electrical interference still have a effect on the bluetooth regardless?

tygertung, Mar 18, 8:16am
It might not have very good shielding and all the switching going on to make the sine waves could be putting out EMF interference

showmethemanoey, Mar 18, 8:46am
It is a cheap inverter would a more expensive inverter give me a better chance of it working correctly?

gpg58, Mar 18, 10:42am
Could be a poor connection to power socket, which is effected by vibration when moving. Would be much better if permanently wired.
Perhaps try using strong tape first, to hold plug in as tight as possible, as in my experience, many keep loosening themselves due to the spring contact pushing them out. (is it a loose fit, or really tight)

intrade, Mar 18, 10:59am
what truck? more modern or older?
has this happened after it was fine first for longer?
o test first and cheap be alternator ripple with battery electronic tester . to rule one thing out after another to find the cause. there is no things like ghosts . and i did have unexplained stuff where i later found in diagnostic case study's thinking hmm that would explain this unexplained problem

philltauranga, Mar 18, 11:48am
I use to have a 12v cheap inverter in the truck cab but it would cause interference with the CB radio, it had to be turned off to have a conversation.
Is there anything that would suit using a USB cable instead of the inverter?

showmethemanoey, Mar 18, 2:36pm
Dont think power connection is the problem i can wighle the connection quite violently without the problem occurring, Truck is quite new 2018 hino always seems to happen under the same circumstances, Only happens when moving i can have it running fine move have problems then stop and it works fine just now i was moving slowly didnt have a problem untill i gave it a bit of gas but revving it quite high while stationary doesnt give issues. It only seems to be a problem when there is hogh load on the enigine

intrade, Mar 18, 2:45pm
get alternator ripple tested. your truck could well have the alternator only on when it moves also known as smart alternator, to save on emissions the alternator is off if the battery is above 80% charge ford was one of the first to have this on cars to try and lower emissions.
ideal would be a recording with picoscope.

tony9, Mar 23, 1:46pm
Your inverter has over voltage protection and is cutting the input supply when the alternator gets up to max charging voltage (about 29V).

An electronics sparky MAY be able to adjust it, but a cheaper inverter may not have good voltage control and may rely on just multiplying input voltage by 10 to get 240V from 24V.

intrade, Mar 23, 4:38pm
if you need the best low price mains inverter the brand is called Dometic i tested it its 100% accurate as per instruction manual. i have 2 a 350 watt and a 1,6 kw staring my compressor with the bigger unit. i got them from burnsco

showmethemanoey, Aug 30, 4:53pm
After a bit of detective work i found that my speaker would switch which tweeters it was using depending how it was positioned, the bumping around mustve triggered it to thick it was going from on its side to standing up, once i stood it up the problems went away which is great apart from the fact that its alot less stable in a moving vehicle now

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