2006 Subaru Legacy EJ20 non turbo too higher k's?

doglover2003, Oct 13, 8:27pm
2006 Subaru Legacy B-Sport wagon - what sort of mileage do these start costing a lot of money ?


ryanm2, Oct 13, 8:55pm
If it has a good service history they can go for ages, and ages like most modern jappas.

bigfatmat1, Oct 13, 8:57pm
as above depends on service history.

sw20, Oct 14, 10:30am
As above totally depends. My old 85 Corolla GT was at over 370,000km and didn’t leak nor use a drop of oil. The newer FXGTV which I replaced it with uses and leaks oil and has half the mileage.

kazbanz, Oct 14, 12:17pm
Whats a lot of money?
I would count on a $1000 bill at/about every 80-100k (closer to 100 in fairness) -that being for rocker cover gaskets/cam belt/water pump

meow_mix, Oct 14, 2:24pm
Earlier Legacys from the 1990s were known to be a bit fussy and require a lot of maintainance, but the 2006 model should be very reliable, the EJ20 engine being a well-proven design. The 2006 will be the 4th gen and probably the facelift model which is nice. If it is getting on for 200,000kms then it should still have quite a lot of life in it, but as above it depends on it's service history.

doglover2003, Nov 6, 4:58pm
Cheers guys for the tips and advice appreciated I'll look for a one with good service history.

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