DIY brake shoe relign

cmx4eva, Aug 26, 10:01pm
Anybody still doing it today & where would you source the lining material?

franc123, Aug 26, 10:05pm
On what sort of vehicle? It's still done on heavy commercials but not on LCV's or cars, very few if any linings are riveted. Whole shoes only.

cmx4eva, Aug 26, 11:12pm
J1 bedford and thought I might have a go at doing them on my dyna too-used to rivet them on valiants back in the day, seems a waste to replace them whole (exp too) when the linings only form 10% of the shoe

msigg, Aug 27, 7:13am
Well if you have the pads go buy the rivets and do it yourself, I have done this on my old vehicle.

sr2, Nov 30, 3:01pm
With the exception of heavier trucks there's a lot less riveting of brake linings done these days, even with shoes that originally were riveted.
Auto Brake and Clutch in Wellington or Waikato bonding services should be able to steer you in the right direction.

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