Finding Jap car history when still on ship ?

sw20, Sep 21, 8:32am

kazbanz, Sep 21, 10:07am
If its a jap car from japan you won't have a VIN number only the Chassis number. Traditionally it was possible to contact Jevec in Japan who would be able to issue records of ownership history. (for a decent fee)
You can request the Auction sheet and ALL auction photographs from the importer.

desmodave, Sep 22, 9:57am
Who ever your dealing with should have access to the auction sheet if they bought it from auction . If they don't wan't to show it , no doubt there is a reason . Is an interesting exercise to use a broker to check out what you have picked and to place the bid at auction for you . All going well you get to look at a red line showing where the boat is with your car on it for the next 6 weeks .

kazbanz, Sep 22, 12:46pm
keep in mind though that we are heading into stink bug season. Combination of C19 and stink bugs means there will be delays--and additional shipping costs to cover heat treatment.

sw20, Sep 22, 5:17pm
Houses going for good money there now Mals. My neighbour across the road sold back in March pre lockdown, just checked the sale price and almost fell off my chair. I reckoned high $400k range, it went for $538k

poppy62, Sep 22, 9:22pm
Whaaaat? Noooooo! you haven't gone and bought a Nissan Leaf Mk1, Have you? crikey, you must have come in to some dosh.

sw20, Sep 23, 5:49pm
Yeah now I’m cashed up after selling the Corolla and the Blade plus KiwiSaver money plus some money I had tucked aside I’m looking at buying in the area. The place that sold on Strickland gives me hope I can still afford something that isn’t a dog with fleas.

howard24, Sep 24, 4:56am
piss piss

sport_billy, Sep 25, 6:09am
Nice - another Somerfield local - plenty of good places, not the older places needing refurb now seem to be coming up so plenty of scope.

Happy hunting - love the area too

toenail, Sep 26, 1:16pm

toenail, Nov 14, 6:00pm
Don't need importer at all. will give you auction sheet and photos plus history.

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