Where do I buy brake shoe hardware kits nz

kiwilandchch, Dec 7, 5:22pm
hi where would i buy brake shoe hardware kits in New zealand
for 1996 rav4 looked on here but none for rav4

franc123, Dec 7, 5:27pm
Highly unlikely you will find one, you will get blank looks from the BNT counter staff. You would have to buy the components individually from Toyota if they have them in stock in NZ or else DIY import them from overseas. They're really more of a thing in salty road countries, not here.

intrade, Dec 7, 5:29pm
i know what you mean you can usually not buy that anywhere . since no one ever services the brakes nor its fluid makes sense that no one offers this for sale. you have to try and get it if you can from rockauto.com- but import delays are thru the roof you will need to pay a lot in shipping and it will still take 2 times as long now. otherwise you wait 6 months my smart watch blackview -preorder sale i odered in march from china came 2 weks ago lol. i was thinking ah well 36us down the drain since months. gota give china 1 thing they dont rip you off they do send you something . what they send you is a lottery lol-

saxman99, Dec 7, 7:24pm

franc123, Dec 7, 8:05pm
It looks like Rockauto do the kit you need, and do the individual parts too, and also a repair kit for the self adjusters. Very cheap too, $10-15NZ per wheel plus freight. Naturally you will have to satisfy yourself that the brakes are identical to those used on the North American spec models.

kazbanz, Oct 12, 10:05pm
probably stating the obvious but have you priced the parts up at Toyota ?

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