Subaru legacy turbo 2000 overheading

whylyn, Dec 19, 7:35pm
Just had serviced and Campbell done only to find it runs ok for about 15 min then overheats. Spend time to check air out of system but still over heating.
Any ideas as spend all money have getting this done.

mechnificent, Dec 19, 7:47pm
Take it back. Under those circumstances(just had it worked on), it's almost certainly human error. mechanic error. The timing belt timing being out will/can cause that problem.

ronaldo8, Dec 19, 7:49pm
First stop would be the thermostat, it may have been pulled and put back upside down, the spring end should be toward the motor, non-spring end to the housing. Inspect and test by dropping it in boiling water and making sure it opens, they are cheap as chips anyway. If that's ok, Water pump. Did you replace it with the timing belt? if not, you should have. Its standard practice to do them both at the same time, especially if it's still on the original one. The impeller comes adrift, the housing/bearing collapses, they don't last forever.

franc123, Dec 19, 7:58pm
Dont touch it. Take it back to who did the work.

intrade, Dec 19, 8:21pm
yes and dont overheat it more. . id be really pi$$d if somone koocks it first and then wants me to fix it. having said that thats unlikely ever going to happen on my watch but pointing out facts here. have them collect it if they want you to drive there have it recorded and tell them you have it on record thez told you to drive. That way you are on the longer end of the stick.

shakespeare6, Dec 20, 10:01am
As above take it back. Possibly they might not have bled it properly. The thermostat in the bottom of the engine is fed by coolant circulating through the heater core ( they don’t use a heater tap to control heat) air can be trapped up in the core stoping the flow of coolant to thermostat. - That year does have a small bypass to help with bleeding so it could still be some other issue.

franc123, Dec 20, 10:41am
With the amount of unqualified and inexperienced people working for garages these days who are attempting to replace all the peed off seasoned tradesmen who have left I wouldnt be surprised if the water pump is rotating the wrong way. On some engines it's possible.

kazbanz, Dec 20, 1:14pm
Don't drive it.don't even start it . Call the mechanic and have it carted to them

mechnificent, Dec 20, 2:03pm
Yeah getting them come to collect it is the best idea.

saki, Oct 7, 4:56pm
Also a mix of diferent brands of antifreeze tends to coagulate in the heater core, easy check as the engine starts to overheat change down to a lower gear and get the revs to about 3500 see if the temp drops, if so flush heater core and do a coolant change with nown brand of antifreeze.

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