Fog Lights

ottoitis, Jun 18, 7:47pm
Nissan Cube C11 fog lights don't work. Do I have to remove them to get a warrant? Or, just disconnect plug fittings? Thank you.

franc123, Jun 18, 7:58pm
They just need to be disabled, not removed.

ottoitis, Jun 18, 10:37pm
Ok, thank you

annie17111, Jun 19, 1:08am
I got told that if they didn't work then they had to be removed on my mitsi chariot. It has fog lights but no switch to turn them on. .
This was about 15 years ago tho.

annie17111, Jun 19, 1:10am
Just checked and if they don't work they do need to be removed.

wind.turbine, Jun 19, 3:31am
no they don't, you only need to disable them, so if one is damaged or not working, then the other one needed to be disabled.
In the past I have just unplugged the bulb.

nice_lady, Jun 19, 6:37am
Dunno where you checked but that law was changed. Been there with that issue also and around 5, years ago they did indeed need to be either repaired or removed. But now they just need to be disabled.

pauldw, Jun 19, 7:30am
The law changed in 2016.

s_nz, Jul 23, 3:56pm

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