EJ Holden

reggienz, Feb 26, 5:49pm
What would you think an EJ Holden 1963 rolling body would sell for in Aussie? Just a rough guestimate will do.

itsafamilything, Feb 26, 6:00pm
Between $220.00 and $22 000

gph1961, Feb 26, 7:35pm

msigg, Feb 26, 7:51pm
11 - 15k

franc123, Feb 27, 12:13am
Impossible to answer that without knowing the state of it. EJ was never ever regarded as well as the EH.

greenfox, Mar 3, 10:53pm
Yes I think EH and VN were the only Holden models with a new body and completely new engine.

franc123, Mar 4, 8:27am
EH was only a rework of the EJ body, but the VN I guess could be described as different enough to be called new despite much of the VL floorplan being carried over. The irony of that statement is that both those engines had roots in the same era. The V6 was new to the VN when it came out but it sure as hell wasnt a new engine, it was decades old with some new fuel and ignition bits.

greenfox, Mar 4, 6:48pm
I disagree, EJ had a 138 CI grey motor while the EH had a 149 CI red engine.

franc123, Mar 4, 7:50pm
Disagree with what? Of course it got the new engines but the only other major change was the rear styling on the sedans and wagons.

mimik3, Sep 4, 3:46am

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