2010 ktm 350cc.Airfilter problem.

vnjsling, Jan 20, 7:31am
Its all fixed now and has been ridden once since.Cost him the parts, and the service shop covered the labour.

kazbanz, Jan 20, 7:41am
sounds like a swizz to me.

vnjsling, Dec 14, 7:22am
My Boss just bought a 2010 ktm fourstroke i think its a 350cc.
He has had the first 2hr service done new filters oil etc.Then 2hrs more riding and the engines stuffed due to blocked air filter and dirt getting past wearing the rings out.this bike has only done 4hrs total
has any one else had any experience with this kind of problem.he's not happy.

gunhand, Dec 14, 7:37am
If he just had a service done that included filter it becomes the service providers problem I would think. Unless it was moddified somehow or tampered with after service.
I bet he is not happy.

vnjsling, Dec 14, 7:40am
Yeah you would think so but they recon its him not cleaning it regularly enough,i mean how often is enough aye if 2hrs is to much.

gunhand, Dec 14, 7:41am
Geez two hours could be one outing. Something sounds off here.

janine103, Dec 14, 8:17am
make sure its put in properly. they dont always sit in very well on the ktms

vnjsling, Dec 15, 6:16am
Yes the dealer did the service and installed all the filtersoil etc.so should have been done properly.

janine103, Dec 15, 8:05am
Tell him to check out ktm talk.com.he will get all the answers he needs on that site.Those guys in that forum will know for sure whats happened. Sure sounds like the air filter wasnt seated in there properly though.

mechnificent, Dec 15, 8:47am
Rings don't wear out in two hours even if there is no air-filter. Tight motor and the rings overheated or partialy siezed would be more likely.

vnjsling, Dec 16, 7:24am
You could be right i dont know how it has been run in.

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