Toyota Allex / Runx

What does the VVT-I and the VVTL-I mean on the engine cover!
I thought it had meant the difference between the 1500cc and 1800cc engines but have seen the 1500 with the VVTL-I on the engine cover in picture.
Anyone know the top speed of these things because the 1800 can sure get up and go.

driver_rover79, Jan 2, 5:34 pm

Possibly mislabeled, the 1.5 should be a simple VVT-I system

As for what the 'L' means have a read here -

driver_vtecintegra, Jan 2, 5:37 pm

The VVTLi 1800 is the 2ZZGE sports motor, the most powerful of the two 1800 engines and it's power output is 140 KW.It is in the Z sports hatches and the SS2 Celicas only.Pretty much almost twice the power of the 1500, and about half as much again compared to the ordinary 1800.Also have to be run on the higher octane fuel (98 octane) due to their compression ratio.Excellent engines with very good performance and a good power band.

driver_kimbo88, Jan 2, 5:51 pm

Unless you're after a racey engine, go for the 1800cc vvti 1ZZFE powered Corolla.Enough power to commute with or travel the country with, undemanding to drive, economical to drive.

The 2ZZGE VVTLI engine is quicker, but likes more revs and more petrol.

I suspect the 1500cc engine might be a bit of a slug.

driver_kcf, Jan 2, 6:35 pm

I have the 1500 version and my wife drives around with the 1800 VVTLI version. The 1500 goes ok, economical with some power. The VVTLI, (I was told the L is for the long stroke engine) goes very well with heaps of grunt but it does tend to use a bit more fuel.

driver_terckon, Jan 2, 7:06 pm

#2 interesting read. That will explain why it gets up off its chuff.

#3 surprised about the 98 octane as I use 91 in it as it does say to use it.

A full tank of gas and a passenger in the car and you can notice a drop in pickup

driver_rover79, Jan 2, 7:20 pm

# 6 - re the fuel octane - specified on all Japanese sites for the 2ZZGE motor as requiring 98 octane premium.I've imported and sold several of these with the higher powered 2ZZGE motor and the lowest I have ever put in them was 95, but found that they went far better on the recommended 98.Here is an example of one of the spec sites here to check out: have quite a high compression ratio, 11.5 to 1, which doesn't lend itself to using 91 at all.Can be used in emergencies, but not recommended for daily use at all.

driver_kimbo88, Jan 2, 11:10 pm

To differentiate the two 1800 engines, the lower powered 1ZZ-FE 1800 engine is fine on 91, having a lower 10 to 1 compression ratio.

driver_kimbo88, Jan 2, 11:14 pm

I'll put fairly big money that the yard concerned was using a generic photograph rather than a picture of the actual car concerned
The 1500 is just VVTI
Incidently I would suggest anyone thinking the 1500 is gutles to take one for a drive

driver_kazbanz, Jan 3, 11:58 am

Have done so. They definitely are gutless.

The VVTL-I 1.8 is just about as bad with the auto though as it needs lots of revs to get going and four gears just isn't enough

driver_vtecintegra, Jan 3, 12:02 pm

Nope the "L" stands for variable "lift" on the cams, whereas the other vvti is variable valve timing only, not variable lift.Or at least that's my best recollection.

So you'll find people talking about their Corolla having the "Lift" motor when they're being casual rather than quoting engine designations.

driver_kcf, Jan 3, 12:03 pm

The low power VVT-I 1.8 is only found in NZ new cars not imports (except for some import wagons where it makes less power than NZ new models)

driver_vtecintegra, Jan 3, 12:04 pm

Wrong - is in the JDM version ZZE122 - first produced in Sept 02 and still available, I imported one a few months ago.Also the ZZE124 which is a 4WD version.Also available in some of the Fielder wagons.

driver_kimbo88, Jan 3, 12:15 pm

The ZZE122 is the Runx and Allex "S" hatch

driver_kimbo88, Jan 3, 12:16 pm

I stand corrected.

There can't be very many around though compared to the 1.5 and 2ZZ-GE imports though

driver_vtecintegra, Jan 3, 12:19 pm

No they are pretty rare - you might only get a couple or so per week compared to the hordes of 1500s.The S is a nice unit, being a bit more up speccd than the NZ ones, but I wish they had've done them in a manual too!

driver_kimbo88, Jan 3, 12:27 pm

japan doesn't sell octane fuel lower then 98, so why does any jap engine require 91!

driver_bubbles244, Jan 3, 12:35 pm

It's not a case of requiring it - they stipulate the minimum acceptable for each model as they are sold in many countries.Personally I only use 95 or 98 myself, even in cars that can use 91 minimum, as our 91 is such low quality fuel.

driver_kimbo88, Jan 3, 12:47 pm

A lot of handbooks for the JDM cars that do require a minimum of 98 octane fuel have a disclaimer written in that goes something like this:"Minimum fuel octane required - 98 RON, but in an emergency ONLY, may briefly be run on fuel with an octane rating as low as 91 RON"The keywords being "emergency" and "briefly".

driver_kimbo88, Jan 3, 1:02 pm