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xs1100, Dec 31, 9:43pm
they had 20k on the window and refused to accept my 12k LOL

kazbanz, Jan 4, 12:00am
The cars you were looking at. how did they compare in price with same age/.miles/condition cars for sale elsewhere?

2get1, Jan 4, 12:50am
Haha slightly off topic, but recently was selling my 06 dcab 4x4 hilux advertised for quick sale at $24k ono and had 2 guys scraping over it, one hadn't paid a deposit and another upped the price to more than asking price and paid a deposit. Anyway to the point, had a clown email me and offer me $17k cash. He got all shitty when my terse email response went along the lines of you obviously can't afford a 06 hilux perhaps look at 2000 year with a million kms lol . He got all pissy and wanted to know why I wouldn't negotiate, told him to F off and read a dictionary to establish what near, in near offer might actually mean lol and that to me near wasn't $7k below asking price on a $24k car. Also told him low ballers and deadbeat bidders where a waste of sellers time and that's why my response treated him with utter contempt lol

bryshaw, Jan 4, 7:06am
There was a guy working for the council that sold cars, try him.

raibnj, Jan 8, 3:02am
around 4 to 5 dealers.

raibnj, Jan 8, 3:05am
Finally traded my car locally .
A trader rang back accepting an offer i had placed well before christmas.
I guess the year rolled on and it didn't sell .
Anyway was a good deal and happy.

raibnj, Jan 8, 3:09am
Well a car on the window for 14k , bargained for 12300 .
Ready to pay 13500 , if he can at least offer me extra warranty.
I know dealers can get those for cheaper price.

It didnt work out .

raibnj, Jan 8, 3:10am
Maybe , but i never faced any problem in other cities with my same attitude.

It very easy to point fingers before reading the whole post.

pandai, Jan 8, 3:13am
He died

raibnj, Jan 8, 3:13am
lolz. Infact have done that long back on few of my dream cars ( Obviously out of reach for me ) just for the luck.

raibnj, Jan 8, 3:15am
* Every dealer in dunedin !

raibnj, Dec 31, 11:49pm
Could you recommend a good dealer in Dunedin. My family has grown and ever since our little one has come, have been cruising around to upgrade my car !

When i moved to dunedin from christchurch last year , most of my new friends said they usually buy cars from christchurch or Auckland and it's still quite cheap considering the shipping cost of the effort to drive all the way to dunedin. Risks are involved in case the car turns out to be faulty . However so far haven't heard any horror stories.

Coming back to the point, most of the dealers over here are quite rude and arrogant. The prices are on the higher side and most of them are not even ready to negotiate or take the effort to close a sale. I had a good experience with my dealer in christchurch during my purchase of the first car.

I was wondering if it's because Dunedin has such good sales or is it that they are generally very rude over here. I see a lot of cars still retained in the yard for more than a year !

Any suggestions for good approachable dealers in dunedin?.I still would like to buy local , but if it turns out to be such a headache christchurch it is !

tgray, Jan 1, 1:38am
I think it would be a mistake to consider a whole city to be full of car dealers of a particular type. Just check out prices and go in with an open mind.
There are good dealers and bad ones like anywhere else and I would advise you to just go out there and look for the best deal and someone you feel comfortable dealing with.
Good luck!

mals69, Jan 1, 2:02am
What what what ? Agree with tgray

Nothing stopping you buying privately, and obtaining finance
through various channels if need be

elect70, Jan 1, 2:15am
Perhaps their turnover & proffit margins is high enough that they can afford to be arrogant . Like the old parable of the maori farmer who went in to Holden dealership in his work gear tro buy new car &dealer asked him if he was going to pay for it with lion brown bottle tops , so he went & bought a Ford

nick91111, Jan 1, 2:18am
Go talk to Mike at Mikes cars. He's really good.

raibnj, Jan 1, 3:15am
Yes i know i do have that option. I was just speaking generally about the experience when i tried to buy from the dealer. Well financing has nothing to do with settling on the price , it just that they don't negotiate at all.

h.e, Jan 1, 3:28am
I buy all my cars local and have never had a problem. I don't try to screw them down too much. I generally try get 1 to 1.5k off the price or added to the trade value. Cars I have owned are generally in the 15-20k range

trad, Jan 1, 3:30am
How many dealers have you tried negotiating with?

a.woodrow, Jan 1, 4:15am
Hmmm every dealer he talks to is arrogant and rude, won't budge on price. Is there a common denominator perhaps?

tigertim20, Jan 1, 4:38am
buy wherever you wan, but if you have found you have an issue with multiple dealers here in dunedin, then you need to ask whether its your attitude that is the problem

bobwyn, Jan 1, 4:49am
Im happy with my deal for my new Suzuki Grand Vitara from Gilmour Suzuki and im from Christchurch too.

rover79, Jan 1, 6:34am
Give us An example of how a negotiation went bad

mals69, Jan 1, 7:16am
Bit like Dennis Chapman who went into archibalds in his usual shorts
and jandals and the salesmen treated him like he was a dreamer.
Dennis ordered 2 ferrari's by other means and made sure the snobbie salesmen delivered them personally to his mansion

datoofairy, Aug 8, 3:07pm
When I was looking recently I found a mix of responses. Some dealers were just useless, and some were really good. One in particular was excellent, they just didnt have a car I wanted. They weren't all arrogant, but a few were and others were lovely.

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