Can this be used as a Marine Battery?

msigg, Jan 18, 6:50am
No it's too small/not enough capacity, any decent car battery will do. Our boat we have had for 12 years has only ever had cars batteries. Ours boad is heavy in the rear so no bouncing for battery.

blubottom, Jan 16, 10:21pm
There is an auction on trademe which i have my eye on. It is for a Yuasa YTX12-BS Battery. It says on the auction that it is a marine battery but everywhere I look on google they say it is for motorcycles. can it still be used as a marine battery?

gmphil, Jan 16, 10:59pm
without the auction hard to tell . but in my knowledge no. if its uner $150 im guess no. marine battery arnt cheap . google marine battery .

twincam1, Jan 16, 11:09pm
I have same battery on my bike. One of the best you can buy. Don't see why you couldn't use in a boat. Depends what size engine you want to start. It's certainly dirt cheap at $65 if it's new.

treachug, Jan 16, 11:17pm
Have a read of this. quite interesting (& informative) info.

budgel, Jan 17, 12:41am
When you say marine battery, a distinction has to be drawn between an engine starting battery and a 'house' battery used to run all the other electrical stuff on a boat.
A house battery should be of a deep cycle type that withstands frequent discharging and recharging much better than a cranking battery for engine starting.

intrade, Jan 17, 12:45am
marine battery is the same as a normal battery, but and here is the suposed difference. They are more shock-proof. So you could in theory make a shockproof housing with shockabsorber type system to prevent any battery you use from geting impact shocked from bouncing from wave to wave .

gmphil, Jan 17, 12:48am
bingo that's its !
that's why they cost
I couldn't think this morning to put into words lol hard week

blubottom, Jan 17, 1:50am
Ok. Becuase I have a boat and need a battery to start a 115hp evinrude engine and also power a vhf, fishfinder and maybe eventually a gps. So do you think this can be done with this battery? Not much of a boat electrical nerd

jason_247, Jan 17, 2:01am
it can be used in a marine vehicle if its big enough.
a ytx12 is tiny and designed for a jetski or similar.

you need about 550-600cca to start that kind of motor

blubottom, Aug 5, 7:10pm
ok thanks heaps

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