Question regarding Mazda 323?

monaro17, Jan 25, 3:36am
Hi guys

Can anyone tell me if a 1986 NZ New Mazda 323 1.3 GLX hatch is cambelt or cam chain?

panicky, Jan 25, 3:45am
If it is B3 motor its has cambelt, E3 has chain. They used both engines in that year. The B3 is 1324cc, The E3 is 1296cc. If you look up the rego on carjam it may say the actual cc rating and you could work it out from that. The B series engines are not interference motors, so I wouldn't worry too much anyway.

quickbuck, Jan 25, 4:16am
Wow, what has happened. this has to be the most helpful post on here today!

monaro17, Jul 24, 8:05am

Carjam says 1296cc. so chain it is. Cheers panicky

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