Hilux 4x4 lexus v8

cru2in66, Sep 10, 8:02am
i am putting a lexus v8 into my hilux. i am going to use the lexus trans. can anyone tell me what the best model transfercase is to use.

bubbles52, Sep 10, 8:24am
why use the lexus trans when the hilux one is much better

bm4, Sep 10, 8:26am

cru2in66, Sep 10, 8:30am
can you tell me why the hilux surf trans is better than the lexus trans.

rob_man, Sep 10, 8:37am
Simplicity for a start, it comes with the transfer case already there. I think it would be easier to adapt the Hilux box to the motor than the transfer case to the Lexus auto.

cru2in66, Sep 10, 8:41am
the surf trans bolts straight to the lexus motor.just change bellhousing and pump etc. the transfercase will also bolt to the lexus trans and this way the lexus computer will run the trans from what ive seen and been told

rob_man, Sep 10, 8:44am
OK, the HiLux is a petrol auto then!

willystruck65, Sep 10, 8:44am
well the hilux and lexus share the same trans, what they do is put all the lexus trans guts in to the hilux v6 surf gearbox that all ready has transfer on the back, but in all and all put a holden v6 in your hilux better option easy to work with cheaper motors more room less heating trouble and the starter ant in the vally cover and no probs with manifolds clearing steering

cru2in66, Sep 10, 8:47am
thanks. been down the holden v6 road and never again. forever running bearings

willystruck65, Sep 10, 8:49am
well thats only a sump mod, well have fun with the v8 , ive never had a prob with mine only been on its side twice 3 years no probs loves the limit

cru2in66, Sep 10, 8:55am
is an 85 single cab. dont have a gearbox yet

bubbles52, Oct 21, 7:58am
for a start the hilux box is manual