Link to Lexus power sliding TV advert

jhwjhw, Feb 3, 7:32am
Has anyone a link to the latest Lexus! power sliding TV advert. Seen on TV1 during the 6pm news, over the last few nights.

audi_s_ate, Feb 3, 9:12am
Cool Ad, I tried a quick search its the is350 'f' couldn't find the advert anywhere.

audi_s_ate, Feb 3, 9:13am

phillip.weston, Feb 3, 9:25am
pity they didn't give it better looks than a corolla along with the other things they gave it.

jhwjhw, Feb 3, 6:15pm
Sweet, thanks.

I think there is another TV! advert where a car is power sliding into a carpark slot! Anyone got a link to that.

FWIW, I once saw a huge empty 50 ton dump truck being power slid to a halt, parked ever so sweetly next to smoko shed, during construction of Ruataniwha Dam, Bain Ornburg! was the drivers name, wonder where he is now!

socram, Feb 3, 8:52pm
Do you mean the MG Montego ad of a few years ago!That a was a handbrake turn into the slot though, rather than a powerslide.

ct9a, Feb 3, 8:54pm

1fordluva, Feb 3, 10:43pm
Followed an audi last night on the way to auckland,very nice unit.
Sounded the goods and went very well.
Ithink it was a 2010/11 model,I was drooling when it pulled up the bombays effortlessly!
Went around corners very well also and in black mmmmmmm.

jhwjhw, Feb 4, 1:50am

phillip.weston, Feb 4, 2:00am
yeah seriously - it looks distinctly Toyota like. Put it next to the very cars it's powersliding around and it doesn't look as good.

fiatracer, Feb 4, 2:57am
amusing how the ad copy goes. they compare with three other cars, and say something like "more power than the BMW 335, faster acceleration than the audi A4" or whatever the line is. to me, this means "our hp is only 2nd-to-lowest of these 4 cars. Our acceleration is second-to-slowest too"

rsr72, Feb 4, 3:44am
They also seemed to omit - 'corners'.

socram, Feb 4, 4:54am
#9 - I thought it was Russ Swift but thanks so much for the link.

woki, Feb 4, 8:22am
Lexus is just a toyota with a gold badge . Toyota windom !

mgmad, Feb 4, 8:33am
Socram it was Russ Swift doing the driving, with an actor in for the straight ahead shots. Cool bit of driving, Russ Swift is bloody awesome. I wouldn't mind his job.

socram, Feb 4, 8:27pm
I first saw Russ Swift live, when he lapped the Silverstone circuit on two wheels in a Mini, many, many years ago!I think that link to the Montego advert has a wee bit cut from the beginning from what I remember.

The ad showed in NZ (about twice). It didn't affect my decision to buy the Montego, but I did own three, including a Turbo.

Oh, and for those who do not know of MGmad's prowess behind the wheel, he probably could do Russ Swift's job.Check out Ellerslie next Sunday!

clark20, Feb 4, 8:56pm
Cool is that next Sunday! have not beem for a while

mgmad, Feb 5, 7:36pm
Hi all, at the risk of hijacking the thread, I have been informed that there are 3 muscle car teams entering this year, as well as 2 likely Jag teams, 3 from Mini and at least 2 from MG (so long as a I turn the collection of parts on my garage floor back in to a car by Sunday). This year the personalised plates prize will be going to the best long wheel base car (i.e. Jag or muscle cars, thus far) so depending on actual numbers who turn up, we may run the two groups separately, or we may juggle them up as per normal.

Yep next Sunday (13th), motorkhana starting at approx 9.30-10 am and going through until about 1-2pm, depending on number of entrants.

socram, Feb 5, 9:04pm
Sorry MGmad, the project car isn't quite ready to show. Has two doors and one front wing fully fitted with working electrics, now starting on the left side.

The Ellerslie concours really has been livened up since the motorkhana was introduced, and glad that the long wheelbase is now a separate class, as they were at a tremendous disadvantage before, but good on them for giving it a go!

With two Amon race meetings then a race meeting the week after the concours, not sure that I'll make it this year - but I'll try, as I still think it is a brilliant display and there are always cars we have never seen before.

mgmad, Mar 17, 2:54am
Maybe next year socram :) The longwheel base cars have had their own separate class for a while, and we usually have a run off if there are enough teams to do so. About 3 or 4 years ago we tweaked the course for the big cars to make it a bit less tight for them, which made things a bit closer.