VS Calais 5.0 Low oil pressure. What to do!

tristanchev, Dec 5, 7:10am
Had the car about 2 months. It has a bit of a rattle when cold started till oil light goes out. We took it over the hill and worked it a bit and the temp got up a little more than usual but still under halfway on the gauge, when we come to idle the oil light came on til revs are increased.
Oil level is full.
Its only done 195k I would of thought it be good for almost that again.
Any easy fix or rebuild bottom end! Would a high volume oil pump fix it or at least buy some time! External oilpump so wouldnt have to drop the sump which is a bonus I guess

clark20, Dec 5, 7:35am
First thing to do is check the pressure with a gauge, don't just trust the sensor.

dent, Dec 5, 7:37am
Yeah check the actual oil pressure. Might be worth pulling the sump off and cleaning it up and checking the pick up. Then maybe try a high volume pump. Might not be a permanent fix but as you say might buy sum time.

tristanchev, Dec 5, 7:38am
Fair call will look into that, thanks

NZTools, Dec 5, 7:40am
Oil change! ie put the right oil in it! If someone has put something like Mobil1 in it, it sure wont be helping.

tristanchev, Dec 5, 7:47am
Good point, what oil would you suggest! Havent had a "late" model V8 before lol. Bought this one for the mrs cos I was sick of working on old cheap cars. Not working out too well haha

the-lada-dude, Dec 5, 7:23pm
change the oil filter ! poss blocking flow !

NZTools, Dec 5, 11:47pm
A blocked oil filter generaly increases the oil pressure. As to what oil to use. I'm not sure. I've had little to do with holden V8's for a few years, but I would assume with the k's getting up, and it already showing the signes of worn bearings, a 15w/40 or even thicker may be needed.

drew2009, Dec 5, 11:50pm
Synthetic oil with a wide viscosity range may help oil pressure a bit.
Have heard of some brands of oil filter lowering oil pressure (fram and some cheap chinese ones).

the-lada-dude, Dec 6, 12:01am
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NZTools, Dec 6, 3:45am
well that was a bit uncalled for.

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snoopy221, Dec 6, 3:59am
well maybe mr sir lada dude-that's because you have only been on here for a few years.
Clearly you have no idea who nztools was before he started nztools.
Perhaps you could somehow explain to any mechanics that post here why
(and we'll use toyota as an example)
a specialy designed factory oil filter with higher internal resistance INCREASES oil pressure!
[common fix for worn timing chain tensioner rattle on toyota K series engines is to fit the small SPECIFIC toyota oil filter to increase oil pressure at idle-and throughout the rev range-and reduce drain back]
Incidentaly post number ONE here specifies a cheap oil filter and most possibly worn bearings and drain back and no **boundary lubrication** and *rattle *on start-up
but hey that's just

snoopy221, Dec 6, 4:02am
It has a bit of a rattle when cold started till oil light goes out
And lack of boundary lubrication
and that can increase bearing clearance.

a.woodrow, Dec 6, 4:04am
Take you meds. voted

NZTools, Dec 6, 4:16am
Damn. Youve got a good memory mate.

snoopy221, Dec 6, 4:19am
even to the point of doin oil changes on damn old 5.0 holden 308's and 253's that'd have to have an *orific* insertion of gear oil jussss
ta get oil pressure-LOL

NZTools, Dec 6, 4:27am
haha. bar lube is the only thing that stems the oil burning on a my little starlet. Am I going to spend money on it! Nope not while the warehbouse sells bar lubecheap. lol

rmbimports, Dec 6, 5:28am
Use a decent 20-50 oil and make sure you fill the new filter with oil before fitting it. Get yourself a decent mechanical pressure gauge so you can see what it is doing. Holden v8 engines tend to run around 10 psi at idle but should get up to 40+ above that. Low oil pressure at normal operating revs is usually an idicator of a bottom end rebuild coming up.

treachug, Dec 6, 6:44am
Yep NzTools is right, look into a 15w40 oil & even try to find older SF-SH rating if you can - the old engines run fine on late fancy rated oils like SM but are older technology so earlier vicosity oil rating is what they were built on. They are bad for big end wear like mentioned above & also bad on sludge blocking the pickup, the oil pump gaskets splitting (both), the pick up to block gasket splitting (sucking air & loss of pressure).
If doing oil pump etc, try to get the genuine Holden oil pump gaskets with the additional sealing bead stuff on them. Far superior than aftermarket gaskets & will seal better.

budgel, Dec 6, 8:44pm
I have had some success with Moreys in older engines with low oil pressure.

hopie, Dec 6, 9:10pm
Haha, anything is possible in Te Puke

elect70, Dec 7, 2:45am
Rattles on start up & low oil pressure are usually a sure sign therodbearings arebadly worn.Drop the sump if possible & take a couplecaps off & inspect shells & crank journals . Dont keep using it

ford105e641, Dec 7, 9:43am
easy fix sell the holden and buy a FORD lmao joking seams alot of the guys have good info so just check oit and maybe change it to thicker stuff good luck

phalanax, May 14, 3:11pm
Check and make sure its not as simple as the oil filter vibrating loose.lol