93 honda ascot ignition barrel

owneditall, Oct 29, 6:24am
today the ignition switch in my ascot so i pulled it out cleaned it up and put it back in now the dash lights wont even come on !.turns over the radio works and fan ect but no ecl dash lights ect!

any help would be great


andrea_w, Oct 29, 6:35am
The ignition circuit isn't working, pull it apart and re-check the work you did to it.
Also check none of the pins have come out of the plug - if they aren't "clicked" into place inside the plug, the wire/pin can push straight out of the back of the plug. It's not likely the factory will make that mistake, but it's certainly possible.

franc123, Oct 29, 7:06am
Why were you removing the switch in the first place and what was the original problem!

tmenz, Oct 29, 8:18am
If it's the same as mine, the contacts on the switch got worn and dirty and ignition became flakey - would only run if key held in a certain position or was in start postion - buffing up the contacts fixed it.

drew2009, Oct 29, 2:25pm
honda ascot 5 cylinder! the same as the rafaga!

thegravelracer, Oct 29, 7:42pm
sounds extaclly like mine issue cheers

thegravelracer, Oct 29, 11:25pm
cheers andrea_w i pulled it apart and gave it a even more thoughra ploish and reasembled worked a charm

tmenz, Oct 30, 12:28am
Mine is identical to the Accord part of the same era - I suspect they're all the same across the model range for that period!

drew2009, Nov 1, 8:04am
The ignitions in those cars weren't the greatest, mine has had two replacements in its lifetime, wouldnt even bother trying to fix one. If you cant get it working again a replacement is cheap enough.

andrea_w, Jan 20, 4:55pm
Good stuff