Best battery!

fordcrzy, Nov 18, 9:01am
i need a new battery.either a DIN55 or an N50LMF.either will fit.
HELLAEndurant< or century or other!

mugenb20b, Nov 18, 9:19am
I like the Yuasa brand. If you are getting a battery for off road use, get the gel type.

ml6989, Nov 18, 9:19am
Won't matter what breed you get, quality is directly proportional to warranty time. In other words it will probably fail a very short time after the warranty has expired

scarey65, Nov 18, 6:25pm
best value for money, Supercharge Batteries.
all others overrated and overpriced!Check it out

bae13, Nov 18, 7:20pm
Have you ever wondered why supercharge batteries are lighter than others! Less lead,smaller plates less grunt, over rated cca's. The best battery is one u need. Head to your nearest batterytown and get them to check it out before you replace it

muzz67, Nov 18, 7:23pm
had 2 supercharged in toyota hiace for 7 years/190 000km. Never even looked at them.

clark20, Nov 18, 7:45pm
You ask about the best, what about Odyssey!

bowla3, Nov 18, 8:25pm
"Consumer Magazine" did a survey some years ago and the top of the list was Century.
May have changed since then!

bae13, Nov 19, 12:21am
Centuryyuasa are the same battery just marketed under different name same with repco ones nowthey are century also

fordcrzy, Nov 19, 3:16am
looks like its the starter after all.the brushes are shagged.

after looking on ToyoDIY it seems the brush assemblies are the same for the 2AZ and 1AZ engines and some lexus etc so ill try the dealership and see what they have.

crzyhrse, Nov 19, 3:51am
What do you mean 'after all'! You only asked about batteries.

fordcrzy, Nov 19, 4:09am
tried another battery and the result was the same.lazy starting then no start at all.

crzyhrse, Nov 19, 4:13am
But have you tested the cable. tested the earth.

crzyhrse, Nov 19, 4:14am
Does the cranking improve if you give the starter a tap.

cuda.340, Nov 19, 4:17am
Exide Orbital. great batteries.

franc123, Nov 19, 4:34am
I would beg to differ on that, if the battery is correct for the application there is nothing wrong with supercharge batteries, I'd buy one in preference to anything manufactured by Exide, they usually have a 2-3 year life at best in my experience, I'm using a S/C in a Falcon at the moment that is used/charged irregularly and is still going strong at 5 years.I sometimes think that someone on a tight budget who needed a battery would be best to go to a car wrecker and get a second hand one out of a Jap import, like a Panasonic or Varta branded one for instance, it will last longer for less money than some of the new crap that is sold in NZ.You often see imports that have been on the road here for 6+ years and still are fitted with the original batteries that they were imported with, or may have even still been the factory ones, and they did several years in Japan before they camehere.Its obvious the batteries used in JDM product are vastly superior to whats offered as replacements here.

bae13, Nov 19, 6:29am
Here here *clink*. I'll drink to that comment. :)

fordcrzy, Mar 18, 11:06am
i had a 76 corolla that was still on the original battery 20 years later!