Posc. Any one know why car missis when u go over 100kph goes good driveing around town

dmcjmo, Nov 22, 7:57am
any one know why car missis when u go over 100kph goes good driveing around town

bigracket, Nov 22, 7:59am

jmma, Nov 22, 8:01am
Whatdoes it miss (o:

mugenb20b, Nov 22, 8:06am
Can you please give us some less info about your car! Our crystal balls are away for repairs for the next 4 weeks. Thanks.

bigracket, Nov 22, 8:09am
Its a 91 POSC. I think !

skull, Nov 22, 8:14am
No I think it's the 2004 model, the 91 was almost trouble free, the 2004 was a dog and kept missing the compulsory stops.

bigracket, Nov 22, 8:17am
Actually I think you'r right, they kina got worse not better didn't they !

pup2, Nov 22, 8:21am
lol, just as much info in this one as in the other thread he started a min before this one. O Yea, "square tires", caused by low tire pressures. As speed increases, tires go out of round causing a feeling of the car missing. Only happened on the red and silver ones. What colour is yours!

mugenb20b, Nov 22, 8:22am
Diesels got better.

bigracket, Nov 22, 8:26am
The Mk 1 POSC Td got better I agree, but the ttdi was no better in my opinion !

jmma, Nov 22, 8:33am
They bought out a model of POSC that misses over 100, that was to keep your speed down and please johnny (o:

jason18, Nov 22, 7:34pm
I had a piece of shit car once. Sold it to this guy down south.

kazbanz, Mar 31, 3:57pm
OP wow this is fantastic news. You are the first driver in NZ to get a car with the gubbiment sanctioned speed restrictor fitted.
(not to be fitted to gubbiment cars in case they are late to a footie game)