Is NOW a good time to sell a classic car !

flagheaven, Jan 16, 10:47pm
this time of year.

bigjerry, Jan 16, 11:16pm
its NEVER a good time to sell your classic, but if you must at the moment you will get a low price i reckon

flagheaven, Jan 16, 11:51pm
not sure which one to sell BUT have found another one and wifey said that having 4 cars and a new king quad for the seahorse kontiki and towing the stabi is a bit much and .you get the picture ! LOL
if its a BAD time then i may be able to just squeeze another one in ! LOL

franko171, Jan 17, 12:02am
always a bad time to sell your classic that said people want 2 buy and love them

elect70, Jan 17, 1:58am
Market collapsed 2years ago .Unless its a real collectable car in near imaculate conditionwont get lot for it . Or ,itsbasket case for FA .

ofive, Jan 17, 7:35pm
^^ You obviously have nfi elect70.
Brouse trade me for expired auctions and you will see what some classics have sold for.

socram, Jan 17, 8:48pm
Listed mine in April and held out for what I wanted.Sold (not a TM buyer) two weeks ago for the price I wanted.

Easier to sell than many moderns where there may be thousands to choose from, especially all these short run Jap models that come and go and are effectively obsolete almost immediately.You just have to be patient.

Many classics tended to be developed slowly over time so getting parts for many of them is much easier than for many moderns as they were in production for so many years.In some cases, there is a thriving restoration industry too.

Cheap classics with extended production runs are Morris Minors, VW beetles, Minis, MGBs, less so, Ford Escorts, Cortinas etc.

franko171, Jan 17, 8:54pm
i have a 1978 hillman avenger geting done slowly.

flagheaven, Jan 17, 8:54pm
cheers folks!
have a ford fairmontGS from AU done original 10800kms and its a 1976 - still like brand new insideand still on original tyres. paint has a couple of small blemishs thru storage etc.
this ford should be in a museum as will NEVER be another like it !

other is a 1977 GTS 4 door done 107000 kms and MINT condition all round.

not sure which will sell first - guess will try in a wee while

welshdude, Jan 17, 9:01pm
Would you like to give it to a good home! I can't afford an interesting car but I accept gifts!

rovercitroen, Jan 18, 3:12am
In my recent experience, no.

vjregal770, Jan 18, 7:07am
Just as buyers have to sift through so much crap cars to find the one, genuinely decent car, sellers have to put up with all the tyre-kickers and low-ballers to get that one, genuine buyer who knows what he's after and is prepared to pay for it because he KNOWS it's good.

If someone tried to pull the "current economic climate" routine with me hoping I'd take bugger-all for my car, he'd be told to go look at something he can actually afford. Like a bicycle.

phillip.weston, Jan 18, 7:20am
just sold my '76 Volvo 244 GL, got a grand total of $850. Though not appealing to many people, I thought the value was a little low.

bigjerry, Jan 18, 8:29am
good calls. selling a classic at anytime is about what its worth, rather than what you can get. If i ever sold mine, it would be for the price its worth. The buyer couldn't go across town for a cheaper version. Flagheaven, you can only give it a go.

trogedon, Jan 18, 8:54am
And not MY bicycles!

richm, Jan 18, 9:20am
hey franko171. I run an Avenger forum for Avenger enthusiast to chat about their cars etc.

I have a 1975 Hillman Avenger and 1980 Avenger race car.

The address for the forum is

Hope to see you there.

townie55, Jan 18, 10:22am
Look.You're really only selling them to appease the wife.All us real blokes here know that there's no way you REALLY want to sell your classic cars.Take my advice.Advertise it here for double the price you want for it.It won't sell.You'll please the wife 'cos you're making an effort to do as she says.And the cars will stay yours.

Problem solved.

PS .And for some reason if some fool pays double your price, you owe us all a beer.

bigracket, Jan 18, 11:08am
I like the way you think!

socram, Jan 18, 7:31pm
First comment my wife made after the car was gone, was "What are you going to get now to replace it!"She's lovely.

Her rationale is similar to mine - the garage is really my patch and what I choose to fill it with is really up to me, as long as we can park the daily driver in it.Once the V8 is on the road, I suppose I should really return to the race GT, as it is now looking a bit tired and neglected and needs a fair bit of TLC.Now had that car 20 years and racing incidents have taken their toll since it was restored.

bigjerry, Jan 18, 10:23pm
thats the one. thats exactly what i am doing with my house at the moment, the wife has been on my case all last year that we need to move elsewhere, so im playing the game and should my house sell for my asking price-HAPPY DAYS

vjregal770, Jan 5, 10:46am
Hence that $970,000 Camaro a while back.remember!

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