Jap to English import car manuals

807, Jan 18, 4:17am
Has anyone brought any of these manuals, & if so, how good are they! I have an import Corolla & will buy a manual, if I get a positive response, as the NZ manual doesn't cover some features only found in import models.

bmwnz, Jan 18, 6:50am
I bought one for a Jimport Primera P12 I had. It was excellent, imo.

blue35, Jan 18, 6:57am
Hey Kabanz, Are you able to get one for a 2003 Mazda MPV AWD 2.3! I tryed JPNZ, but they are not doing them yet. Cheers

blue35, Jan 18, 7:47am
Thanks anyway.

get0ut, Jan 19, 12:55am
kazbanz - do you have one available for a Toyota Vitz RS!The one in the glove box is written in Japanese, which is not much good to me.TIA.

carstauranga001, Jan 19, 5:54am
Or this


Their books are excellent.

carstauranga001, Jan 19, 5:57am
Strange how they list MPV models either side of yours, but not the late 1999 to 2005 shape. If you havn't phoned it may be worth a call to confirm.

carstauranga001, Jan 6, 6:50am
True mate

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