LIfting a 4X4

jazzyjack1, Jan 20, 10:17am
What is a good option to lift your 4x4 2-3 inches without speanding too much!

littlebuckrat, Jan 20, 11:19am

unideck, Jan 20, 11:39am
LMAO, good one :)

OP, pays to mention the vehicle you want to get lifted, year, model etc.

jazzyjack1, Jan 20, 6:50pm
I deserved that comment, its a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, want to put some Mud tyres on it but wnt to also look at lifting a little, can you put spacers on top of the springs!

mrfxit, Jan 20, 7:28pm
Theres a multitude of different ways to lift 4x4's
All depends on several key factors as to which way you do it

Total height increase
Intended tyre size increase
Intended PRIMARY usage & secondary usage
Vehicle brand & exact model

All 5 above factors will have a significant effect on the "best practice" option.

Where are you parking it when not in use = shed roof height
Total lift = possible cert needed = mods to drive shaft/brake lines /diff breather systems/ steering,
speedo adjustment = ruc accuracy

Not hard but definantly needs a bit of realistic planning to get it right

mrfxit, Jan 20, 7:33pm
Most small lifts on older 4x4's are simply swapping out the body to chassis blocks for taller blocks.
If you can do that would be easy=ish and wouldn't effect your suspention if only going 1" or 2" & wouldn't need a cert.
I suspect yours could be a monoque chassis so that option may not work.
Taller springs will limit total downwards travel & proberly need a cert plus wheel alignment.

petermcg, Jan 20, 8:35pm
Come see me I might be able to help.

pico42, 6 days, 14 hours

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