Any suggestions for new car

bigjerry, Jan 20, 3:15am
you havent really defined much. get a holden mate.

jsbike, Jan 20, 3:18am
2 or 4 door, auto or manual, sedan or coupe or hatchback, petrol or diesel, 2wd or 4wd, jap or euro!

ringo2, Jan 20, 3:53am
Something fairly good for $2500. Abithopeful one would think.

franc123, Jan 20, 6:41am
The big plus with looking at the model I suggested is that there are a few manual versions about AND you aren't competing with the wannabe drift crowd like you are with the earlier A31 Cefiros, R32 Skylines and equivalent Laurels etc.This decreases the price and increases the quality of the car you will get.

kazbanz, Jan 20, 7:11am
OP--look heres a reality check for ya. In your budget the range of local cars is limited.divide that down by wanting one thats decent. Then reduce it further by wanting it to be manual. you really have limited your choices.
So I'd be more asking --what cars do I AVIOD

parsonsfamily1, Jan 20, 8:20am

thejazzpianoma, Jan 20, 8:50am
I have seen several Fiat Marea/Brava/Bravo's go in that price range with lowish km's in great nick.
The 1600cc ones go very well, and are economical and very low maintenance/cheap to maintain. The 2000cc one is a rocket ship as the motor is out of the Fiat Coupe. Its a bit more expensive for a cambelt change and drinks a little around town but its very economical on the open road.

All are FWD but they are nearly all manual.

Galvanised body so no rust, you are looking at not much over 10 years old and they are reliable with cheap easily available parts. Worth a head scratch. They have a bit of an NCAP rating too, not 5 stars but more than most of the stuff in the price range.

Thinking outside the square can get you a LOT more car for the money.

rover79, Jan 20, 10:20am
How about a rover 216sli1997,
can get them in manual, there a 1600 motor but they are a pocket rocket and good on fuel. should be a tidy low km car at 2.5 - 3k.

oakie, Jan 20, 5:52pm
I have a 2009 [yes year is right] Toyota Prado with just over 80,000 kms.and it's a manual. If you could stretch to about $2600 I might let it go for that. I will fill the tank for you as well.

taipan4, Jan 20, 6:10pm
gotta be a wind up$2600 for a 2009 anything even a kia is elcheapo hmmmmmmmmmmmm. LOL

jcwholesale, Jan 20, 6:50pm
m4sm4n click on my username

thejazzpianoma, Jan 20, 9:39pm
Whats the catch! If its any good I would take it off your hands for that. refreshing to see a Toyota that's not overpriced!

craig04, Jan 20, 10:35pm
It's a wind up Jazz. Noone in their right mind would sell a car as good as a Toyota for Fiat money.

incar., Jan 20, 11:23pm
Haha, spot on!

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