Problem with EB Falcon not firing

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mrfxit, Jan 30, 11:25pm
Yep was the blimin coil.
Got it sorted a coiuple of months ago by swapping borrowed parts.
Once you got it running, it would go fine for about 20 minutes, die & restart promptly again & as I said above, it had a bright white spark but in hind sight, clearly not enough grunt in the spark to withstand compression for starting.

Hate cars that try to run but won't, but will, but won't. . ;-(
Hate electrical . full stop

mrfxit, Aug 29, 6:54am
Brothers 93 EB Falcon WAS running fine but when he went to start it last week (night after last usage) it cranked ok but would only randomly fire.

AA was called & put a jumper battery on for more grunt but still wouldn't start.
Plugs have been changed but no difference.
300,000kms & most of that hardly been touched.
Oil & filter changes with about 2 other sets of plugs in 12 years of usage.
Mixed travel between around Aucklnad & once yearly South island & 2 or 3 trips to Taranaki per year

bigfatmat1, Aug 29, 7:09am
He should get it fixed.

mrfxit, Aug 29, 7:39am
Bite me ya buggers.

But really . It needs fixing seeing as he's just about due for a divorice & nothing else to shift his gear with.

Apart from sarcasim & cheek, any bright ideas.

bigfatmat1, Aug 29, 7:47am
sorry was there a question hidden in that first post.well the coil is a common failure on them along with ign modules and hal sensors so ya need to determine if it has spark, week spark, no spark, fuel or no fuel

franc123, Aug 29, 7:47am
mate until basic checks for spark and fuel have been done nobody can even point you in the right direction.Could the AA not throw more light on it!It sounds like its had crap all maintenence to me, what about fuel filter changes etc!Plugs that are left in too long or filters left on too long will kill the ignition modules and fuel pumps on those.And yep coils too.

bigfatmat1, Aug 29, 7:48am
due for divorce. love it. are they 6 mntly or yearly

roys351, Aug 29, 7:56am
there is a diode on the side of the dizzy on ea eb s that packs up can be hard to trace as they often still work intermitantly

mrfxit, Aug 29, 9:25am
Thanks guys.
Always harder to diagnose from a distance, but those ideas will give a better idea of what to get checked as a cross reference.

Any other thoughts are very wellcome & will make a list of it all.
Sometimes you guys will come up with an oddball thought thats in fact, right on the money.

mellisa2000, Aug 29, 9:48am
Mr Fixit, try this, when the key is turned on, not cranking, the fuel pump should be able to be heard as they prime the system before cranking begins. Should at least be able to be heard from inside the boot when key is turned on, only runs for 2 seconds until fuel pressure is up. Listen for that. Another thought, try spraying engine start up the intake while cranking and see if it runs, if it does I'd look at the fuel system. (pump). The coil is an arse to get to, but check for spark at the plug end of the leads while cranking. Does it fire or just crank!

rlr29, Aug 29, 10:10am
If it's injected be careful.Has it got fuel! Can you smell any fuel!

mrfxit, Aug 29, 8:20pm
Update .
AA mechanic said it appears to be flooding & cyl compressions are all over the place.
Apparently running again but not been informed as to how that was achieved & no word on a fresh compression test now that it's running.
Me in hamilton/ him in Jaffaland, might have to go see him later this week instead of phoning ;-(

Brother said he "thinks" it was getting a little hungrier over the last month or so but never missed a beat/starting as per norm etc etc, just simply wouldn't fire enough that next morning.

mrfxit, Aug 29, 8:21pm
Thanks Fish, plenty of good info there.

mrfxit, Sep 2, 2:52am
Well umm, it's back

Apparently only replaced the plugs (which were shot) & got it running again.
Brother said it was running better & smoother for the last few days.
He rang up today & it's buggered again. Sat for 3 days & wouldn't start this morning

Doing exactly the same as the 1st time.
Trys to fire but not enough to get it running.

mellisa2000, Sep 2, 12:05pm
Hall effect sensor in dizzy.

mellisa2000, Sep 2, 12:25pm
Hey check the large vacuum hose going from MAP sensor on or near firewall, L/H engine bay. They are prone to cracking at either end. The ecu sees hey, heaps of air going in, better richen things up, and it'll chug black smoke like you would see on a dirty diesel. Clear as per flooded carby engine, foot to boards, crank until starts, and hold foot down to clear once it revs up.

Inlet manifold gasket too.

mrfxit, Sep 2, 7:14pm
Thanks Fish & others
All good thoughts .
Will print all the ideas & take it up with me to jafaland early next week.
Looks like I will have to make the trip but may as well wait till the "other half" is off work so she can keep "his" wife out of my/our way.

Walking may just do the bro a bit of good.

scousemouse, Sep 3, 8:28pm
dead right.have had this on a couple of 6cyl fords iv owned,gasket turns to biscuit,only takes a small leak and they start running rough as.

mrfxit, Sep 3, 9:59pm
Update from jaffaland

Dizzy cap has been checked & ok
Spark plugs replaced
Already has a fairly new battery
"trys" to start when turning (randon plug firing effect) but won't run.
Gets better results with foot OFF the accelerator.
Foot down on the peddle results in next to no firing

He's checking ALL electrical plugs & hoses in the engine bay today as mentioned in above posts & checking inlet manifold nuts/bolts

After being in the garage last week (when the plugs werte changed, it WAS running a lot better but died (on the road) again after 3 days with no warning.
WAS starting as per normal, prior to the 1st failier.

mrfxit, Sep 15, 9:40am
LMFAO. Well THAT turned out to be frickin funny as the devil in a snow storm.

Got to Jaffaland today & checked a few things on that coon.
The only thing I could find out of place was a tiny vacumm line disconnected that was coming out of the firewall down to a solinoid under the inlet manifold.
Definantly was flooding & does have spark.

Anyways . put 2 fully charged batterys (1 in & 1 jumpered) on to the bugger & got cranking.
It wouldn't even think about firing untill just as you let the key go & it would 'almost' fire so I timed it for that & as I let the key go, & stomped down on the go peddle & it back fired a few little bangs & stopped again.
So . did that a few times more & suddenly BOOOOM! . & a giant cloud of dust/smoke & crud went flying out the back of the car.

Checked it wasn't from under the bonnet & cranked it again & it fired properly & is running AGAIN.
1 proviso tho .

It now appears I need to replace the MAIN MUFFLER .
Seeing as it's now split from 1 end to the other with a 4" slit ! ;-(

LOL, Frick that crowd of neighbors sure turned up in a hurry to see what the bang was .

mellisa2000, Sep 15, 12:02pm
Like I said, MAP sensor hose.
I made a big bang like that once in the W/S at Pukekohe Ford, helluva din! Same reslut.
Glad the car is going, sans muffler!

mellisa2000, Sep 15, 12:02pm
OK tiny hose. :(

mrfxit, Sep 15, 8:06pm
In fact. 2 tiny hoses of different colors going through the firewall.

That muffler split so cleanly I could proberly stitch it back together & it would be fine. Split cleanly down the spot welds on the side.

Didn't help that the car was parked in an open ended concrete block garage at the time of the boom.

Manifiolds appear to be tight so thats good.
next job is . . . LOL, Well yea, you already know what that is.

mrfxit, Sep 16, 12:45am
AAArrrrhhhh SHITE!

Bro put a freshly charged battery back in the coon this morning & it's back to square ONE .


nave12, Sep 16, 3:34am
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