How to manually reset the ECU 2003 Nissan Stagea!

mcleanj1, Dec 9, 7:48am
Hello, was wondering if anyone knows how to manually reset the ECU on a 2003 Nissan Stagea M35, I'm going to be de-coking the direct injection system and maybe dissconnecting wires and playing around with the throttle body, I have seen some where it may be key in pushing throttle down etc etc, if anyone could help or direct me to a thread that would be much appreciated.

mugenb20b, Dec 9, 7:58am
I don't think you'll need to reset the ECU.

mspec, Dec 9, 8:20am
In the Skylines you disconnect battery are hold brake down for 30sec or more.

awrenn, Dec 9, 6:07pm
I believe this will do it as well, why do you want to reset it!


bubbles244, Dec 9, 7:29pm
dont forget to leave the key in the ON position when doing the disconnect the battery trick, as to drain any residual energy from the ecu,

It will reset it back to the factory base tune as they are self learning ecu's.

rlr29, Dec 10, 7:54am
Would this work for other nissans!Ie Primera p10!

morrisman1, May 22, 6:42pm
p10 primera will have just a run of the mill ecu, nothing fancy and doing such a reset would likely achieve nothing at all.