2004 nissan stagea reversing camera

christinii, May 17, 7:27pm
My navigation/reversing camera located in the dash mounted TV is in Japanese so useless. Have used Google translate on my phone and cant locate any setting for language. How or where can i go to get this fixed so i can actually use this feature?

gammelvind, May 17, 8:09pm
Been discussed here often. The short answer is remove and replace with a local unit. They are made for the Japanese domestic market with no international intent.

kazbanz, May 18, 12:33am
can't be done filt a kiwi head unit

vtecintegra, May 18, 12:39am
The nav will be useless anyway.

The reversing camera should just work though - should show up automatically when you select reverse

motorboy2011, Jan 24, 10:48pm
good luck fitting a standard size head-unit into that dash console.

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