Ok to charge battery through cig lighter!

muzz67, Dec 9, 10:02pm
got 3 vehiches which only get used meybe once a month so batteries in them dont get full too often. Is it ok to fit a lighter plug onto automatic/maintenance charger to keep things good! Would move charger weekly to next car. All batteries are no maintence/sealed type.

crzyhrse, Dec 9, 10:49pm
Fine if the cigarette lighter sockets aren't isolated when the ignition is off.

johnf_456, Dec 9, 11:20pm
As above but most cars turn it off when the ignition is off.

brigette6, Dec 9, 11:31pm
You could run some wires straight from the battery and put a connector somewhere convenient, like under the bumper or somewhere.

petermcg, May 20, 6:10pm
Yes this works ,, but the ignition has to be placed on accessorie.