Cheapest way to get a broken down vehicle from.

puk1, Feb 6, 9:23pm
Springs junction area- Nelson! Looks like its the motor or head (i have no idea i just want to get it home to send it to scrap)

anyone know of anyway to get it back cheaper than $500!


pge, Feb 6, 9:31pm

Get a tow-car, tandem transporter trailer, go down and drag it back yourself.


Good luck

johnf_456, Feb 6, 9:38pm
^ Got nothing to loose, worth a try.

dent, Feb 6, 11:29pm
what sorta vehicle is it! Did it overheat!

saffa2, Feb 6, 11:30pm
What is it! and how much do you want for it!.

dinosaw88, Mar 20, 8:58pm
Cheapest way! Push it.