Tire pressure 235 45 17s

jason18, Jun 27, 7:49am
What would you recommend. Tow cherry picker about 7 days a month so will that affect rear pressure on the falcon

robbo36, Jun 27, 8:15am
Ford recommend around 32 to 34 PSI but I run 36 to 38 PSI all round on my BF coon to reduce wear on the shoulders, Gives a slightly harder ride and also have to watch for potholes as running higher pressure can impact/dent mag wheel due to offset. BTW, the coon has Dunlop SP3000A, 235/45/17 tyres. Hope this helps.

jason18, Jun 27, 8:35am
Thanks mate. Might run slightly higher on the rear for towing.

jason18, Jun 27, 9:53am
Awesome mate. Will get an alignment done hopefully this week. Need to check the wife's car too so will pump her 15s up to 34

vr4_legnum, Aug 2, 3:07pm
On my 97 Stagea, Im running 40psi all around on 225/40/18-255/35/18 and it be fine. The old boy at work in his holden wagon with 235/45/17 is also running 40psi all around. He said didnt make alot of change to the ride but is getting better kms out his tyres now.So i recommend running 38-40psi