Battery keeps going flat help

tonyrockyhorror, Jun 15, 4:05am
Someone doesn't know what they're doing.

Was this a NEW battery!

laneyjan, Jun 15, 4:59am
check boot light is off when boot is closed

bigracket, Jun 15, 5:36am
As new!

bigracket, Jun 15, 5:43am
And your two batteries were old !

crzyhrse, Jun 15, 5:47am
And glovebox. And interior courtesy lights. The switch may be borderline so it's only turning on the drain seemingly at random.

What you can to is hook up one of these!ID=AB3456&keywords=piezo&form=KEYWORD to your boot lamp fitting using the pulse wire. It will provide an audible alert if the boot light is on at any time. I have one permanently fitted (using the pulse wire) because my boot switch is non-adjustable and even though the boot is closed if it's not latched it still looks latched but the light is on.

crzyhrse, Jun 15, 6:05am
What's what got to do with what!

crzyhrse, Jun 15, 6:08am
Condescending. And I'm not being.

eddiedean, Jun 15, 7:15am
Geez i'd take that offer if i was him. That's a great offer

iman007, Jun 15, 7:28am
is the radio turned off,sometimes if i turn my radio in my car down, and talk to someone, i might forget to turn it back up.Radio still drawing power when car is switched off.Happened to me 2 or 3 times.Dont turn radio down now, only off or on!
Just a thought Vaughan!

im_andrew, Jun 15, 8:56am
Get a multimeter, switch it to the AMPs setting, and with all your accessories and ignition turned off, connect it in series with the battery.

johnf_456, Jun 15, 8:58am
Yup and the old fuse trick as well of identifying which circuit is chewing the juice.

crzyhrse, Jun 15, 9:21am
but that's just me.

bae13, Jun 15, 9:25am
could have an intermittant draw. seen that a few times lately

bonjt, Jun 15, 9:26am
Make sure the battery is charged for this test,Open hood,turn key on, then have a look if one of the cooling fans for the radiator is going, if so then you have a faulty circuit,The fans should only operate when temp is slightly high,and with a faulty circuit the fan will continuosly go.Turn key of and check if fan is still operating,,its so quite you cant hear it.Good luk G

crzyhrse, Jun 15, 9:30am
That depends on the vehicle. And if the fan isn't going with the key off that's all you need to know.

muzzaandmich, Jun 15, 9:42am
all the guessing in the world wont fix anything ,,take it to a auto sparky .dig deep into your pocket pay a few bucksall sorted

elect70, Jun 16, 4:41am
Strange things happen I had a newbluebird wagon that the battery would go flat even parked for a hour ,wouldnt do it every day but usually once a month . I checked everything, replace all the light bulbs,tested the alternator , had battery load tested ,put amp meter on it when off . Never did find out what it was . Sold the POS1 year after thewarranty ran out .

crzyhrse, Jun 16, 5:56am
That's much better value than actually finding the problem first.

Make sure the terminals are clean and tight.

bigracket, Jun 16, 12:30pm
Keen to see the result of this one.

divermark, Jun 21, 11:11am
Lots of short trips !The battery might not be getting a decent charge. I've heard that it can take 15k's to replace the power used to start the car.I killed a $400 battery this way after two years of 7k max trips to work & back. battery guy suggested getting a 'smart' charger, so I plug the car into the charger every month or so (more in winter) to top up the battery charge. no problems now even with a cheaper battery.

snoopy221, Jun 21, 11:14am
Seen em b4. usually horny houers.
(seems most auto sparkies seem to forget a crook horn has permananent power and can do the ole flattenning.)

solarboy, Jun 21, 11:49am
OK, that was 5 days ago.He said in post one that an auto sparky had said the alternator was fine and there were no "phantom" loads so that left the battery which he'd replaced with "2nds" .He;s not been back so he's either walking in from the outback still or too busy driving his now reliable car !

for_an_angel, Jul 11, 3:13am
I'm going with the too busy driving option lol or the OP would have been back to hunt down Kazz for some pingers haha