Car battery problem. We have a nissan skyline that will run all day without a problem once it has been startedbut when left over

falco_inlaw, Jun 19, 9:51pm
we have a nissan skyline that will run all day without a problem once it has been startedbut when left overnight it seems to lower the battery power so it is not strong enuff to start it ,,we have a new battery in it and we thought that would solve the problem BUT guess what it didn`t we have made sure that everything we are able to turn off is turned off and still it drains the battery .
any help that could solve this problem would be appreciated

intrade, Jun 19, 9:57pm
did it drain the battery! or is the starter motor just strugeling to turn it over!
a fully charged battery should be 12.65 volt or higher for them new type battery. Basically if its is the battery that gets drained then you got only 1 option aautomotive electrition to try and find where it drains the power and fix it.

intrade, Jun 19, 10:00pm
check the boot and doorlights dont stay on for also have usually a diagnostic plug i think you can even get the battery voltage with the software. So if you wanted to mess with it your self and save on future diagnostic problem you could buy the blaze diagnostic cable with software.
If you got no clue about any of it then auto-electrition be 80$ per h or so what they likely charge

intrade, Jun 19, 10:06pm
another thing did you fit anything like a car radio just before this has happened!

falco_inlaw, Jun 19, 10:20pm
thank you intrade for your input the car radioas far as we know is the original one when the car was first bought by us , we have not added it as an extra so seems like we need to go to an electrition in the automotive field.mmm there goes our munny agen ,,thanks again for you help

intrade, Jun 19, 10:26pm
your best to sell or return the new battery . eg sell the old battery on as it will die if not in use so if you can get another 40 $ or more for a used battery be better then to let it sit as scrap is only a few $ after for it.

tmenz, Jun 19, 10:30pm
Check over the car when it's really dark - you should be able to see if any interior lights are on.
Turn on the headlights when the car is idling, then check that the lights brighten up a bit when you rev up above idling - this will show that the alternator's working.

crzyhrse, Jun 20, 12:36am
Was the old battery checked to see if it was actually unserviceable!

elect70, Jun 20, 12:59am
Disconnect the battery overnight & see if it still does it .

intrade, Jul 3, 5:54pm
if it still does it then its not the battery or .the new battery is poked also.