Car battery and CGA

jojo76, Apr 5, 8:47am
Just after opinions here. Bought a car in November PPI said the battery was marginal and should be replaced. Car yard tested and said it was fine. We have them the benefit of the doubt and didn’t ask for it be replaced.
Now heading into winter and colder mornings it has a dead battery. Is it too late to go back to the dealer and ask for a replacement? Thanks

msigg, Apr 5, 8:56am
Yes obviously, batteries last 5 - 10 years depending on lots of factors, most 5/6 years buy a new one, once I suspect my battery is getting old/low I purchase one before the problems start, modern cars do not like low voltage, plays havoc with the electronics, $150 well spent no problems for 5 years. Just do it don't complain as it is not covered especially if you were told so.

intrade, Apr 5, 9:22am
make sure to get a 40 month warranty one and correct fit.
A dealer if cga would appl;y can just fit another secoundhand battery .
its called car ownership . a lot of people use trains in europe because maintainance on a car costs a lot and always has done.
In new zealand this could be neglected as we have no real emission testing . as 90% cars would fail, if emission testing on tailpipe was done on wof.
for train year sub it was 6000$ nz a year when i was there and it was cheaper then owning a car.

jojo76, Apr 5, 9:25am
In hindsight should have made them replace when we bought it. Ours is a big battery so $340.
But it need replaced, as you said in trade could just replace with a 2nd hand one. So we will just pay for a new one.

martin11, Apr 5, 9:32am
What is the date on the Battery ?

martin11, Apr 5, 9:35am
Euro passes are no where near $6000 nz per year :

gazzat22, Apr 5, 9:44am
Have the battery tested just in case its a charging fault or a short in the vehicle.

intrade, Apr 5, 9:49am
that for you for a month i talk for citizens 1 year i know it was4500 swiss franks. but this is not the point to ague and i wont comment any further on this.
6300 swiss franks now.

intrade, Apr 5, 9:51am
what car? year make model.
go to partmaster and ask for trade price they will give you a discount on mixtech pasrtsmaster brand battery.

franc123, Apr 5, 10:50am
Batteries are consumable items, chances are it was getting marginal when you bought it but it's pretty difficult to argue it needed replacing at the time if it was still starting OK and wasnt causing any other issues associated with low voltage. Replace it and move on.

tony9, Apr 5, 11:53am
"Bought a car in November PPI said the battery was marginal and should be replaced."

Says it all, you bought the car knowing the battery was on its way out. You own the problem.

wayned, Apr 5, 12:02pm
"Car yard tested and said it was fine"
Dealer disagreed with PPI and said it was fine, so why don't they own the problem?

kazbanz, Apr 5, 12:48pm
MY STRONG recommendation is to go back to the car dealer with the problem. Don't be a "Karen" about it.
Ask to talk to the actual boss. Remind him that the PP inspection said the battery was iffy but They the dealership said it wasn't.-Clearly it is
Then ask what the dealership is prepared to do.
Then SHUT UP. Let the dealer do the talking.

My expectation of the minimum offer being to get you a battery at trade price

From a CGA point of view the battery is a consumable with limited life span. You accepted the vehicle with the battery described as marginal in the PPI so by doing so you purchased with full disclosure.--ie the time to act was on seeing the PPI.

marte, Apr 5, 12:48pm
The car yard would have just replaced it with another 2nd hand battery, but a better one.
The quicker you replace it with a brand new one means the longer you get to have a car with a new reliable battery & a greater chance of selling the car with a still good battery in it.

One less thing to worry about really. And you get to make use of the best part of the batterys life.

kazbanz, Apr 5, 1:14pm
more likely --car is starting just fine --whats the problem?

duncb, Apr 5, 6:33pm
The dealer was clearly wrong about the condition of the battery and this is a CGA issue, but obviously only a minor one. You should go to the dealer and get some money towards a new battery. As batteries have a limited lifetime getting a $100 from them would probably be fair in my view.

marte, Apr 5, 7:56pm
Yep, This /\
They probably ' Have a mate who owns a battery shop'
& $100 is cheap advertising to guarantee a happy customer, a mate sells a brand new battery that they fit themselves while you are getting the old one disposed of environmentally responsibly.

Win-win-win situation

There's nothing like the 'Brand new car battery at the start of winter' feeling.

kazbanz, Apr 5, 8:38pm
If it went "there" IMO it would be thrown out. 1) consumable item 2) after PPI customer accepted the ? battery. also as an aside -Battery $200 -MVDT file fee $75 plus time of work etc. a win would cost more than the battery value

tamarillo, Apr 6, 8:43am
Just do what Katz says. Always go talk to them and most times a compromise can be sought .
Helps to price the battery first so you know.

kazbanz, Apr 6, 10:33am
I am curious as to what vehicle you own. $340 for a battery seems like a heck of a lot of money

franc123, Apr 6, 11:17am
Batteries can easily cost that much on diesel or European vehicles.

annie17111, Apr 6, 12:07pm
Motorbike batteries are expensive too

jojo76, Aug 25, 11:56am
Diesel Ford territory