New Car Battery.

sfraser3, Jun 17, 11:02am
Hi all,

My 1996 Toyota Rav's battery is fast running out- struggles to start more and more every time. Please does anyone know where to buy a new cheap car battery! I'm hopeless with this stuff!

Thanks in advance :)

jason_247, Jun 17, 11:04am
~ $130 12 month warranty
~$145 36 month warranty
or cheap from a wreckers but generally come with no warranty

sfraser3, Jun 17, 11:04am
Thanks so much :)

Is it easy to put in!

jason_247, Jun 17, 11:13am
generally not to bad
there will be a couple of nut to loosen and the strap across the top will unhook
then you loosen the negative and remove it
then loosen the positive and remove it
lift battery out

put new one in and reinstal in reverse order
positive then negative then strap

jason_247, Jun 17, 11:18am
if your not to confident id have a quick browse of youtube videos
there are guides there and most cars are basically the same

also supercheap or repco will take your old battery free of charge to be recycledeven if you havent purchased from them

jasongroves, Jun 17, 11:20am
Just make sure you get a battery that is the correct CCA rating and that the terminals are on the correct side for your vehicle.
Pays to make sure that it will fit into your battery tray also.and that its not too tall for for don't want the terminals touching the bonnet;)

jasongroves, Jun 17, 11:22am
Before you rush out and buy one.have you checked the acid levels in the current battery! Are the terminals nice and tight and free from crud!
Is the alternator charging as it should! No loose belts etc!

sfraser3, Jun 17, 11:28am
I have no idea. It ran all the way down when I left my lights on and since then its been really struggling to start. I should employ some knowledgable person to have a look at it really. i'mclueless student. I put the key in the ignition and it goes, and its needs petrol alot, and thats about all i know.

jasongroves, Jun 17, 11:40am
Warehouse batteries start at around $99.

shane191, Jun 17, 11:51am
How far have you driven it since it ran flat. It may need a good run out to get fully charged. May pay to go to a battery place to get them to check battery as it might not need replacing.

jason_247, Jun 17, 8:22pm
supercheap can do a battery test on it so see exactly what its doing
noone except battery town etc will fit them due to liability

no to say they are hard to do but if the 15 year old checkout guy puts it in backwards no company wants to be stuck with a huge repair bill

jason18, Jun 17, 8:27pm
Winter always kills batteries. Get it tested but If its a few years old might be safer just to replace so your not stuck somewhere when it fails

crzyhrse, Jun 17, 10:18pm
Go to a reputable Auto Electrician - have the battery load tested - go from there.

As jason18 says winter is a battery killer.

lk104, Jun 17, 10:48pm
$135 from your local Toyota Dealer with a 36 month warranty.

twaymouth, Jun 18, 12:29am
Go to an auto electrician,They can test the old battery and your alternator, Correctly replace the battery if necessary and dispose of the old one. It will cost you no more than getting a battery from super cheap or the warehouse but you get the added peace of mind that the job has been done correctly and you wont have a problem again in 6 months.

bigracket, Jun 18, 7:37am
LOl He is a student, send him to auto sparky and he wont be able to afford to finish his studys, Is testing a battery above and beyond a normal mechanic !

bigracket, Jun 18, 7:38am
Sorry but i disagree that an auto sparky is required at this stage.

sfraser3, Jun 18, 10:24am
*She is a student lol. I think i'm going to go to beaurepairs tmrw and they put it in for you. It's been in there for years and years. I drive from orewa to albany everyday so its not like I haven't used it enough to recharge

scarey65, Jun 28, 8:03am
a good battery aint cheap but will last3 or 4 years
dont buy a crap battery . go to a battery specialists
its no drama, dont buy any less than 300 cca
forget repco etc youve still gotta fit it,