Car Battery Keeps Draining?

unbeatabull, May 22, 10:37pm
Check there aren't any lights etc staying on, particularly in the boot as can be hard to see. Also check if the battery is charging while running, start the car and use a multimeter to check voltage when running and report back :)

gunhand, May 22, 11:00pm
You need a jump pack or a charged battery to get you facing the right way. Murphs law dictates you will be facing nose first down the slope and its upwards to get out your drive. You could get a friend to tow you out the drive.

orcawhale, May 22, 11:13pm
sounds like the alternator is stuffed.

robinm1, May 22, 11:46pm
Get it down to an auto sparkie or mechanic, it could be a multitude of different things. I have had the same thing happen a couple of times over the years, one was a faulty diode in the alternator, the other was a problem with the radio, both solved fairly cheapy. It SHOULDN'T cost much to find the problem.

johnf_456, May 23, 12:22am
Yup, it could be anything, bad connection on the battery even, bad earth, alternator belt come off even. All you need is a multi meter and start the engine then put it across the terminals and report what the voltage is.

crzyhrse, May 23, 1:06am
A new strut! As in just one!Oh dear.

Tow the car using the second car to a position where you CAN jump start it.

Then get it checked by an auto electrician. It's either not charging or something is discharging it.

carkitter, May 23, 1:44am
If you have a multimeter you can pinpoint the problem.
First, charge the battery.
Then run the engine and test the voltage across the terminals. Voltage should be between 12.8 - 14.4V. If out side of that range, get the alternator checked out.
If okay, stop the engine, turn the key to OFF, remove the black earth cable and set the multimeter to Amps. Measure the current draw from the battery -ve terminal to the earth cable. Should be only a few milli-amps. if it is larger that that try ripping out the amplifier in the boot. Try also removing fuses from aftermarket devices like stereo headunits, alarm systems, spot lights etc.

If this seems too complex go to an auto sparky as mentioned above.

m16d, Mar 23, 8:51am
Yer mechanic unplugged the alternator when he was working on the car and forgot to plug it back in.!