Anyone got a Barina Spark ?

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clemment, Jun 11, 3:28am
.am thinking of buying one and was wondering some opinions from owners.cheers

cocabowla, Jun 11, 3:51am
a/ its got holden badges on it. bad
b/ its ugly as.
c/ its not a ford !

ohhhhhhhhhh ,! sorry, you wanted opinions from OWNERS . my bad. hahaha

vtecintegra, Jun 11, 3:56am
I'm not an owner but have been following some reviews and think this sums it up:

From this review:

trouser, Jun 11, 4:19am
Good if you are nana going to the shops to pick up grandpa a bottle of whiskey. Bad if you are not.

Tiny, tinny and slow. What is there to like!

clemment, Jun 11, 4:40am
bad boy Coco !

clemment, Jun 11, 4:43am
maybe i'll stick to the suzuki Swift .!

cocabowla, Jun 11, 4:48am
why change if you're happy with what you've got. i think your suzuki will hold its value better in the long run.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 11, 5:05am
The Suzuki will have the advantage of holding its value well. But they are still a sub-standard vehicle for the money.
If you absolutely have to buy new why not try and stretch to buying a VW Polo. At least then you are getting a proper car with up to date technology. As opposed to cheap old technology and cost cutting packaged in smart looking wrapping to try and fool those who are not very car savy.
The best buy is something better thats near new as opposed to the cheapest of the cheap new stuff.

phillip.weston, Jun 11, 5:06am
Don't even bother with a Barina Spark. They're a horrible horrible machine.

toxicgreen., Jun 11, 5:08am
Sounds like thats wat an appentice gets sent up the road for.

carstauranga001, Jun 11, 5:11am
Whilst I'm not keen on the Spark (don't take this as an endorsement) I do need to point out that the Pomy one written about above is a very basic 1 litre without even electric windows. NZ cars are a step up. One downfall of NZ car IMO is only manual available in what is surely a nana car!

phillip.weston, Jun 11, 5:12am
It says down the bottom that the model tested was the 1.2 LS 5spd manual, which should have the stereo, central locking and air con etc.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 11, 5:13am
A wireless and central locking OOOoooooo!
(not taking the piss at you phillip, its just what they call "spec" on those reads like a brochure from the 80's.)

carstauranga001, Jun 11, 5:14am
Good points but isn't a new Spark $16,990! About 3/4 the price of your demo Polo. In my experience people spending 17K don't have 23K.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 11, 5:15am
Thats why I recommended a near new Punto (the one in the link was only about 13K. The Polo demonstrator goes for Suzuki Swift money.

They were going to look at a Swift so I thought that was a fair price range for them.

The Punto was an 08 model but with a little patience they could pick up a newer one for 17K, but really the 08 is the same car and still miles ahead of the Barina.

carstauranga001, Jun 11, 5:18am
F**K that Punto's cheap. Fivecoconuts must be desperate! Great add for why not to buy a new one mate.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 11, 5:19am
There have been a few go for that lately, I even saw the pick of the bunch being the 1.9 Diesel go for under 10K. (not an 08 though)
Thats why I am a bit more inclined to recommend a Grande Punto now they are priced below the MK5 Golf.

The other mega bargain I have seen of late is the Touran, several of those sold under 10k which is just nuts!

cocabowla, Jun 11, 6:40am
i think you will find my friend clemment already owns the swift hence the" i think i'll stick with the swift" comment

clemment, Jun 11, 8:22am
actually no Coca I don't.( sorry didn't word it very well ! ) I meant stay looking at the swift .haven't taken it for a test drive yet.( the swift that is ! ) I'm looking for a small car thats why I was looking at the Spark. On the test drive I did find the rear window quite small. and the gears very stiff. I want a manual. I was keen on the Nissen Micra but that was only automatic.I actually haven't found anything written in reviews that has a great word to say about the Spark, but know that they are selling well, so was interested to hear from owners. thanks everyone for your comments.

clemment, Jun 11, 8:27am
want a manual thks

cocabowla, Jun 11, 8:40am
thats because they get the lemming factor of buyers because it has a "holden" badge on it

clemment, Jun 11, 9:06am
Coca stop that nonsense !

cocabowla, Jun 11, 9:12am
i'm not being rude to you , its the general appeal to all buyers where they buy them because they say holden not realising in a lot of instances they are made by daewoo (ie if they sold them as a daewoo chances are they wouldnt sell anywhere near as many)

lugee, Jun 11, 1:59pm
Just triggered a thought, my 1988 1600cc Honda has only a tad more litres/100KM as that Punto while putting out a good 50-60 hp more. Shows how little cars have come in 20 years in regards to fuel economy.

elect70, Jun 12, 1:14am
About time someone built a basic car .Dont need a/c ,stereoelectric windowspower steering , carpetalloy wheels etcjust togo 5 km to shops . The boss of the house will have his tank with all the goodies for trips