Broken Door, Bought car a month ago

amandap11, Jun 9, 6:24am
Hi Just wanting some help on what my rights are. i purchased a 2003 mazda 6 from a car dealer about a month ago and now the drivers side door wont open, is this something they should fix or is it my responsibility! thanks heaps

amandap11, Jun 9, 6:31am
lol cool thanks for that was just returning a video and went to get back in my car and hellodoor wont open, so they do need to fix it!

skin1235, Jun 9, 7:24am
drivers door or drivers side rear door!

matthew111, Jun 9, 7:29am
posted twice.

skin1235, Jun 9, 7:29am
you probably locked it using the remote as you left it, and now it won't unlock itself, not sure on that model if they have a locking toggle in beside the door handle
course if it is the rear door then you have to contend with kiddie locks for opening from the inside - and electronic locking from the outside that has quit so now the door is immobile, it can be done but you do need a bit of kiwi no8 wire etc, and then take the door card off and free up the auto locking mechanism - hint, unless you have kids in the back leave your kiddie locks off - much easier to open from the inside should you need to

crzyhrse, May 23, 2:58pm
But a 5" crease is OK, right!