14.35 V at battery

nufix72, May 21, 5:50am
Too high! Measured correctly with multimeter.

dent, May 21, 5:57am
Nup sounds about right for a later model vehicle. Thats what alot of the new calcium batterys need anyway.

mrfxit, May 21, 6:06am
14.35 V at battery at 2000 revs
Upwards to 14.8Vis fine for pretty much any 12V vehicle charging system.

Over 14.8V can cause boiling / under 14.2V that can cause low charge/ flat battery.

Idea is about 14.5V to 14.8V

Partly depends on what you do with the vehicle (idling daytime a lot/ stop-starting a lot / night driving a lot / mixed driving day-night) as to whats acceptable & whats not.

nufix72, Mar 16, 3:07am
Thanks for the replys