Battery charging is it ?

cremanglaise, Apr 30, 7:54am
+ to + or + to -! Yep I have not quite completed my degree as a sparky!

pup2, Apr 30, 8:01am
Hoping theres a good story behind this question.

unclejake, Apr 30, 8:03am
The red clamp on your charger goes to the positive terminal of the battery

cremanglaise, Apr 30, 8:11am
Cheers Unclejake.
Pup story is been cautious 2 earthquake claims and I nearly set fire to the house in the middle of those quakes the old insurance company probably only need 1 more claim to tell me to bugger off :)

xs1100, Dec 28, 5:57pm
take it to your mechanic theres a reason they charge so much.and you could be the answer