Best way to get a car going that wont start

doomy999, Apr 29, 10:52am

un_known, Apr 29, 1:24pm
anyone know what that car is! looks like an austin/morris 1300 wagon.never seen one b4.

stevo2, Apr 29, 4:56pm
It sure is. Never got imported to NZ.
One of the funniest Fawlty tower episodes of all time.
Cheers Stevo

pup2, Apr 29, 6:52pm
lmao, got an old nissan silvia in the workshop thats a right pig. will tear a branch of a tree on the way to work. Cleese is FANTASTIC. Might be a day for monty python

un_known, Dec 26, 6:12am
did u know his family name was originally cheese but his father changed it to cleese.cheese would be a great name for a comedian