Toyota Hilux fuel problem when going up hill

trinckit, Apr 27, 1:42am
Hi there, I have a Toyota Hilux ute SR5 1998 model. When travelling into an up hill the ute shudders as if their is a flooding or lack of petrol causing the engine to eventually stall.
Any ideas ! Fuel pump, filter, spark plugs.
Appreciate any help, Cheers.

mugenb20b, Apr 27, 7:05am
What engine!

40wav, Apr 27, 8:24am
I could be way off but I immediately think of water sitting in the bottom of your fuel tank. This may move to the fuel tank outlet when you incline, causing the problems. There is something (meths! kero!) that you can put in your tank to 'absorb' the water. Could be worth a go and might be a cheap fix. Maybe start another thread (Water in fuel.Meths or Kero!)if no one tells you here which it is to add, I just cant remember sorry. Good luck mate.

johnf_456, Apr 27, 8:29am
meths absorbs water

woki, Apr 27, 9:41am
Check your fuel filter .

trinckit, Apr 27, 10:48am
Thanks for your help all
It's 2.4, manual, petrol
Yeah, I blew out the inline fuel filter a week back which left behind a little water and deposits. The engine ran fairly smooth after that with the odd shudder uphill.
I have replaced the fuel filter after today's episode where the shuddering was consistent on the uphills.
Hopefully this will sort it. But will throw in a cap of meths for good measure. thanks
On a side note, the engine has no problems reversing up hills. Dunno if that says anything !

dave653, Dec 22, 10:53pm
Ignition or leads! Our VN started doing the same till it shit itself completely, had to replace leads, plugs, coil pack, etc. Eventually found the problem, was crook leads and faulty CAS.
I hate fancy cars!