The New Toyota Hilux ad that will be aired on TV.

tool_shop173, Sep 24, 11:38pm

franc123, Sep 24, 11:46pm
LMAO, that might get them into trouble for false advertising.Many current owners have found post 05 Hiluxes to be anything but tough.

nickolaz, Sep 25, 12:04am

mrfxit, Sep 25, 1:02am
LOL full of bull story with a very nice touch at the end

stevo2, Sep 25, 1:03am
hokey pokey.

phillip.weston, Sep 25, 1:11am
there's a funny hilux ad here in Australia at the moment, a shame it's not on youtube yet.

zooki007, Sep 25, 4:00am
Do you mean this 1 PW !!v=rFcyZOe7h5E&feature=relmfu

Wouldn't show here cause they definately breakable lol

phillip.weston, Sep 25, 4:01am
that's it!

brokebloke1, Sep 25, 5:12am
I saw that ozzy ad last week in Brisbane on channel 9 one of the better ads on tv over there

phillip.weston, Nov 16, 9:00am
yeah ads and tv in general sucks in Australia. Very rarely is there an ad which is not cringe-worthy on how bad it is here.