Help!. Brought a 1989 toyota hilux with lexux 1uz engine transplant from bb groomers dealership in blenhaim approx 10th july 201

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holdenpowa669, Sep 30, 2:16am
brought a 1989 toyota hilux with lexux 1uz engine transplant from bb groomers dealership in blenhaim approx 10th july 2011. it has got multiple sensors missing in engine wiring is all backwards and is now off the road and auto sparky slowly finding more and more problems with it. radiator also needed replacing a couple weeks before this all happened as was leaking. also i kid u not TWO days after i brought this vehicle i noticed oil leaking from the sump and the atv hose was not secured properly and also leaking. now do i have the right to make this loser pay for all these problems hes being a real dick about it all.

fiatracer, Sep 30, 2:26am
strange - did all those sensors fall off on your journey from Blenheim to wherever you brought it to!

holdenpowa669, Sep 30, 2:29am
no the idiot who put the motor in or whatever obviously didnt know wtf he was doing or misplaced parts when re-wiring.

dave653, Sep 30, 3:29am
So. you didn't know what you were buying then! Have a proper look next time, and no, I don't think you can take it back seeing as you have already had someone else 'look' at it.

bopbargains, Sep 30, 4:41am
The onlyperson whoyoucan blame is yourself.

crzyhrse, Sep 30, 4:50am
As I said in the other thread. it depends on whether the seller is an RMVT or not.

andrea_w, Sep 30, 4:52am
But this is NZ. why can't it be someone elses fault!!
Personal responsibility no longer exists here

franc123, Sep 30, 6:29am
Do we have to keep saying it over and over!You NEVER EVER buy any vehicle without doing a pre purchase inspection by an appropriately qualified person and not expect to have problems, especially a modified one.Unless of course you were buying it as a project and were prepared to throw more money at it and do a large proportion of the remaining work yourself.The pro you should have taken with you to look at it should have picked up most of these problems and made an overall assessment of the overall quality of the conversion, if it looked rough or dodgy you could have just walked away.I take it all the cert paperwork for the engine swap is all in order and been approved, or is that the next drama!Remember a lot of these sorts of project vehicles are ditched because the owner had no idea of whats REALLY involved and has got way out of their technical depth.

andrea_w, Sep 30, 6:43am
Evidently, yes.
People are idiots (well, most are)

holdenpowa669, Oct 1, 5:23am
well thanks! and in fact no one would have picked up on these sensors missing unless they had a diognostic tool handy! even an effn aa check would hve missed it. yes im a stupid girl hu feel in love with a ute an brought it i probly should have got someone hu knows what to look for have a look at it this would have avoided the oil leak problems! now the rest is not my fault its all to do with wiring and the ecu its been installed wrong and how r u guna pick that up by just looking over it! nothing appered wrong for two months untill it started running rich and missing when u put ure foot on the gas a lil harder than usuall. even the auto sparkys r having a hard time u need a wiring diogram from whatever it was out of im guessing a crown because of the sump position.thanks for your help ae.not! and i would expect this to happen if it was a dodgy private sale not buying from a dealership!

holdenpowa669, Oct 1, 5:27am
all the cert is fine and approved. the body work is immaculate two tone, white and candy red with pressed flames pooping out of the steal he did an amazing job on the body. cost over 20k.its show car material.

holdenpowa669, Oct 1, 5:29am
well im a 20 yo female and all i can say is grow the hell up ae how old r u! bet u feel awesome making people feel bad when all they want is advice. p off if u guna act like a child

holdenpowa669, Oct 1, 5:32am
thanks al least someone has something productive to say instead searching through threads to find people to tell them they are idiots and stupid.and also to all ov u i dont regret buying this ute its amazing u will never c anything like it and im goin to get all the probs sorted weather he pays or not bkos its one of a kind

mugenb20b, Oct 1, 5:35am
Very easy actually. You never buy a car that's been f.ed with. Buy a normal, unmolested, factory standard car that has a good reputation. Someone like yourself would benefit from buying something sensible and economical, Toyota Echo for example (yes I know, it's not a V8, but you will have a better looking bank balance). The POS you bought is continuously going to cost you money that you will never get back.

mugenb20b, Oct 1, 5:36am
Who's an idiot and stupid!

saki, Oct 1, 5:47am
If its got tits or tyres it will cost you money.

mugenb20b, Oct 1, 5:49am
True, but in this case, they come as a package, a double whammy.

franc123, Oct 1, 5:54am
exactly, people don't realise that vehicles that have been repowered are often prone to problems that someone who owns a factory spec car would never have to deal with, they are really the preserve of people who can do all of their own work and view these issues as all part of the hobby.For anyone else it will just be an expensive PITA.

andrea_w, Oct 1, 5:56am
What does your age and sex have to do with anything!
I'll refrain from commenting further, I'll let the rest of your semi competent ramblings speak for itself.

holdenpowa669, Oct 1, 8:42pm
man i was i had ure life andrea i would feel so awsome doing what u do. how bout u get the hell of this thread and go be useless somewhere else.

holdenpowa669, Oct 1, 8:43pm
not always tru. well the tyre part yes. but i work my own ass off to pay for everything i own without no male giving me handouts. so not always tru buddy

the_don_61, Oct 1, 8:47pm
Thats a bit hard.

I prefer the term"Comen sence ant that comen"

holdenpowa669, Oct 1, 8:49pm
no sorry i cant settle for just a "normal" car. v8s and big engines are in my blood my very first car at 14 was a 1987 3.0 commodore i have always brought cars that i everyone says i shouldn't but im lucky my step father has always helped me look after the cars and its always turned out fine. lol

mugenb20b, Oct 1, 8:51pm
No, you're working your rear end off to finance depreciating assets. At your age, you should be looking after your money.

holdenpowa669, Oct 1, 8:54pm
does everyone think im unhappy with this vehicle or somthing! i couldnt give to ** that its got shit wrong with it il just fix it! but its the fact it came in this condition from a dealership and now the dude that sold it to me is being an egg about it when he knows what was wrong with it when he sold it to me. all i want is for him to either take it to get fixed or help out some way or another.