Chery Cars are here now.

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carstauranga001, Apr 13, 7:54am
Mate, I thought you for one would be more up to date. There are dealers in some centres already with more soon.

So TM listing incorrect I guess.

phillip.weston, Apr 13, 8:12am
I went to Marshalls transmissions in Hamilton to grab some parts the other week, up on the hoist was a brand new un-registered Geely MK hatch, with the transmission removed. I asked what was going on there, he told me that it was a donor car supplied by Geely, there was another MK further down in the workshop which had travelled just 2000kms and the transmission crapped itself, however this was the second time it was in, it also crapped itself once before at just 500kms where it was reconditioned, now it's just being replaced with the transmission from the donor car.

carstauranga001, Apr 13, 8:14am
I wonder if they have put them in the used car section on purpose. There's a huge market of used import owners/buyers that wouldn't traditionally concider new.

for_an_angel, Apr 13, 8:18am
Can get Daihatsu's for round the same money new with NZ wide parts back up. I don't think I would even conciser a Chery just on that note

trouser, Apr 13, 8:23am
Ateco is bringing them in. Do not want.

carstauranga001, Apr 13, 9:47am
Why's that!

franc123, Apr 13, 10:15am
That isn't the same outfit that is,or at least was, the distributors for Citroen and Alfa product in Australia by any chance!

foxdonut, Apr 13, 10:55am
Anyone who's seen crash footage of pre 2008 Chinese models will know not to buy these 'things'. They're not even cars. Give the Chinese twenty years and it might improve, until then, I'd rather walk.

trouser, Apr 13, 7:01pm
Thats the one. They do Citroen, Alfa, Great Wall, Cherry and Fiat in NZ.

carstauranga001, Apr 14, 1:45am
you didn't answer my question. E mail the answer if you don't want it on here.

vtecintegra, Apr 14, 2:06am
All I can say is I hope they've dramatically improved over the 'Flagcloud' I drove in Malaysia.Even by the Malaysian standards of rebadged 80s Mitsubishis that was a terrible car.

vtecintegra, Apr 14, 2:11am
Remember this is the same company that allegedly submitted a Daewoo built Matiz in place of its unlicensed knock off for crash testing.

Also a 2000 Vitz/Echo/Yaris is a four star car, by no means a death trap.

richardmayes, Apr 14, 2:23am
Chery J1 just looks like any other horrible little micro-car.

But then, you could spend another $8,000 to get into the equivalent Daihatsu Sirion and you would still only have a horrible little micro-car.

If they meet the applicable standards, then bring them on.
Plenty of near-new cars from respected brands have to go back to the dealer to fix little clangers and SNAFUs too.

vtecintegra, Apr 14, 2:27am
I don't think that Chery doesn't have a hope in hell of getting a 4 star rating.We'll have to wait until ANCAP catches up and tests one to find out for sure but it'll come out sooner or later.

It seems to me stupid that used Japanese imports have to meet a recognised frontal impact standard to be sold here but some brand new cars have not gone through any such test.

richardmayes, Apr 14, 2:28am
Or you could spend $10,500 on a Vespa.!

foxdonut, Apr 14, 2:30am
I wear shoes I brought from the Warehouse for 10 bucks when I go out and drive a Toyota. I don't give a toss about personal image.

Chinese cars are shit. Anyone who buys one is an idiot.

carstauranga001, Apr 14, 6:05am
I'm interested in your statement. What experiences do you have with the lastest models to back up your comments please.

carstauranga001, Apr 14, 6:06am
I still havn't seen a reply to my question. Please state why you say this. What is wrong with Ateco!

foxdonut, Apr 14, 6:09am
None at all. But what, you think because its a car its going to be any different to any of the other shit you buy from the warehouse!

foxdonut, Apr 14, 6:33am
Hey, I don't give a f*ck if you want to skimp on absolutely everything so go right ahead and buy your home, food, medicine and cars from China. Save a few dollars and fill your life with more cheap shit made by the lowest bidder with the cheapest materials, most lax quality control and worst treated employee's in the world.

The Japanese were forced to make better cars for less than their competitors, the Chinese just artificially devalue their currency a little more to be competitive.

Go right ahead, buy a car made by five year old slaves out of low grade recycled scrap with an airbag supplied for less than 10 dollars.

You'l get "the cheapest deal" and thats all that matters right!

foxdonut, Apr 14, 6:40am
Because i'm forced to share the world with stupid people.

gunhand, Apr 14, 6:46am
I got a pair of gym shoes about 7 years ago from the warehouse and have worn them dam near every day since although for the last six months they have been my work shoes/painting/ building /mowing lawns and so on. They only just developed a split in the top of late. Got them on now. Cost less than $30.
NOT everything made in china or got from warehouse is rubbish. It has surpried the hell out me to get that long out of them.
I got expensive pair of nike's a few years back, rooted within 2 years.

foxdonut, Apr 14, 6:47am
Where are Nikes made! Mars!

craig04, Apr 14, 6:52am
Yes, they are made on Mars.

gunhand, Apr 14, 6:55am
It was the price differential, brand V no brand. No brand lasted longer. $30 V $250