Car wont start. Cool story bro

frogs61, Apr 22, 3:13pm
Cool story bro

andrew499, Apr 22, 9:39pm
just wondering if it could be the "lack of licence" detector.It probably realizes you shouldn't really be on the road so shuts down all systems acordingly.bTW, if you already have a licence and are perfectly entitled to be on the road, then I'm obviously barking up the wrong tree.In this case, it probably means someone has stolen your engine.

budgel, Apr 22, 9:47pm
Serious answer here, what make and model! what symptoms is it showing!

If it clicks but wont turn over, have a look at battery terminals, or the battery itself may be shot.

bigfatmat1, Apr 22, 10:44pm
its broken.

skin1235, Apr 22, 10:46pm
it's a ricer, and it's lost it's mojo

carmedic, Apr 23, 2:28am
I honestly find it truly amazing that something as complex as a motor car can be owned by ordinary people. When I look at the general populace, I find it equally stupendous that they can learn to operate such complicated machinery often at great speed.
So why is it that these same people come here and ask such immensely dumb questions!

bigfatmat1, Apr 23, 2:34am
I find it amazing how dumb people must be and don't recognize a wind up by a regular user.

bevharris1938, Apr 23, 2:48am
sell it mate if it wont start , its broken and cant be fixed

carmedic, Apr 23, 3:13am
To be honest I didn??

biddy6, Apr 23, 3:28am
I'm sure ironworks is just trying to wind you all up, and its working.

johnf_456, Apr 23, 3:35am
Yup take the car back and use public transport.

3962, Apr 23, 10:24pm
My kids won't do the dishes either but you don't see me making a thread about it.

bigfatmat1, Apr 23, 10:36pm
No you just hijacked someone elses thread instead to moan about your lack of authority in your household

ozz1, Apr 24, 2:30am
!DAMN.we must have the same children BUTI dont remember ever having sexwith you!!

jmma, Apr 24, 8:46am
Thats funny, almost pee d myself, well done, choc fish to you (o:

kevymtnz, Apr 26, 7:39am
maybe a loose nut behind the wheel!

richard198, Dec 13, 3:45pm
What colour is it!