Car wont start sometimes

tash_18, Nov 21, 5:17pm
I know nothing bout cars so thought maybe you guys could helpme out. I have a Mitsi V3000 it's not running well at the moment not sure why. It was having problems starting when I turned the key it would make a clickingnoise so thought it was the starter motor so got that reconditioned and they said it was the solnoid(sp) so fixed that. At first it seemed to work and go okay etc but ocassionally when I turn the key nothing happens the lights radio etc turn on but the engine doesn't start up. Usually have to turn the key a couple more times and it goes. Also sometimes I turn it on and I'm just sitting there for a couple of seconds nd then it dies on me. But starts up again lol If someone is able to maybe give me some ideas that would be great thanks :)