My car wont start.

jason18, Apr 15, 9:51pm
Whats the problem! I just cant figure it out and im just a girl that doesnt know much

hamishcookie, Apr 15, 9:54pm
Tried putting the key in it and turning it! Make sure its the car and not a door on your house though, they both use keys so easy to get them mixed up :)

biggal, Apr 15, 10:46pm
In AA!

bigfatmat1, Apr 16, 1:18am
call a man he'll get gaarrrn for ya

un_known, Apr 16, 2:56am
ok then Jason18 whos a girl we need a little more information. to start with when you turn the key does the car wind over! does it just click! or does it do nothing at all!

jason18, Apr 16, 4:36am
I dont know if its winding or not its making a noise tho

un_known, Apr 16, 6:18am
ok whats does it sound like! does it make the same noise as it normally would before it starts!

phillip.weston, Nov 5, 10:41am
you obviously must have got it running this afternoon when I saw you on wairere drive - I tooted out to you from a commodore wagon.