Telstar rear brake imbalance. Any suggestions? Page 2 / 2

morrisman1, Apr 5, 7:28am
when you go in, demand that the car is tested facing each direction, that will reveal whether the brake problem is with your car or with their machine. Also do as fordcrzy has said and get those brakes warm before to go in.

johnf_456, Apr 5, 7:41am
Ditto the above 2

sandypheet, Apr 5, 8:16am
If the front brakes were even what do you say then!

carmedic, Apr 5, 8:36am
I had you down as brighter than that.
If the rollers are defective, why it there not also a front imbalance!

morrisman1, Apr 5, 9:11am
the front brakes will be much more powerful, perhaps the rollers inaccuracy only shows up when braking power is much less. Just an idea

sandypheet, Apr 5, 9:25am
But then it would be showing up on every vehicle that goes over them,hardly likely.

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