BMW Brake Dust problem

ffbuksh, Feb 8, 8:05am
Hi guys,

I own a bmw 330ci and have noticed that it produces a lot more brake dust that other cars. The brake pads on the car are new and genuine. Have found out most bmw's have this problem. What I wanted to know was has anyone replaced the brake pads with ceramic or any organic pads and managed to solve this!

xs1100, Feb 8, 8:13am
you obviously have cheap pads on there,get some lucas pads from repco and watch them being fitted

ffbuksh, Feb 8, 8:16am
No, as I said before they are genuine bmw pads and all bmw owners i've talked to have the same problem. I wanted to know if ceramic pads help.

xs1100, Feb 8, 8:18am
try lucas pads easy fix and just because you paid a exorbitant price through bmw does not make them any better

steve312, Feb 8, 8:20am
There are a number of aftermarket brake pads that will produce significantly less brake dust than genuine pads.Genuine BMW pads are designed for use in the country they were built for, Europe, and are not built for the driving conditions encountered in NZ.Bendix, C Plus and TRW DTech pads are all better alternatives to genuine pads.

ffbuksh, Feb 8, 8:25am
Thanks. I'll check those out.

grangies, Feb 8, 8:28am

Europe is nearly 10 million square kilometers. It is not a country.

And has many many many many different road conditions, compared to NZ.

steve312, Feb 8, 8:29am
Machine the disc rotors or replace them and fit some new pads as listed and your dust problem will be greatly reduced,End of problem.Good luck.

cassandra13, Feb 8, 10:56am
i have the same issue with my pulsar, it has the new non asbestos type in it and it leaves a heap of dust after a short while. progress.

tard_me1, Feb 8, 1:28pm
Stop braking so hard or as much, ease off the throttle abit earlier.

elect70, Feb 9, 2:32am
softermaterial soless braking effort !I have found BMWpadslike that .Now I just buyThe BNT oneslittle moreeffort butno dust

sharchew, Feb 9, 3:04am
Put some decent pads on the car

richardmayes, Feb 9, 3:08am

I thought that masses of brake dust was a more-or-less inevitable consequence of having massive brakes.!

phillip.weston, Feb 9, 3:09am
unfortunately brake dust is a trade off of having non-asbestos pads. Typically the more expensive heavy duty/racing compound pads are the ones which produce lots of brake dust - I have Ferodo DS2500 pads fitted on my car and it only takes a few hundred kms for the wheels to be covered in black brake dust again. Have also found some cheap and nasty pads to be very dusty too. I wouldn't ditch genuine BMW pads in favour of Lucas pads from Repco - they are absolute rubbish and are heavily over-priced (retail) for their capabilities too.

phillip.weston, Feb 9, 3:11am
Mine are tiny compared to today's standards (276mm twin piston F and 265mm single piston R) and they are very dusty.

phillip.weston, Feb 9, 3:11am
Remsa make some good low-dust pads, European made and available for most makes and models - perhaps worth looking into.

xs1100, Feb 9, 8:16am
"I wouldn't ditch genuine BMW pads in favour of Lucas pads from Repco - they are absolute rubbish and are heavily over-priced (retail) for their capabilities too."

have you told repco head office of your professional opinion in regards to their better pads being rubbish,maybe silverline but i have fitted a lot of lucas pads and never had any trouble with them and as far as pricing they have always been very reasonably priced called trade pricing

steve312, Feb 9, 9:00am
Not a fan of Lucas pads either but the TRW pads that Repco sell are pretty good.The DTech ones are relatively dust free.

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